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Is the current pandemic the right time to launch a PR campaign?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Public relations campaign in a pandemic

The world is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and surrounded by crashing economic markets. Here is a question to ask yourself: Should PR agencies be launching new campaigns for their clients?

We must be acute and instinctive in how we answer this question since this is a particularly challenging time for boutique PR firms. The simple response would be to wait until after the “new normal” kicks in. But that would be work-shy. Plus, at this point, no one seems to know when that might be in the future. Our clients deserve our directions, whether it’s popular or not.

Public relations campaign

Since no one has experienced times like these before, here are some things to keep in mind before starting a new PR campaign

1. Think about the value- Does your client’s product or service deliver something that people need during this unsettled time? Its value must be clear and easily accepted, not forced.

2. Consider the outcome- There’s a thin line between adding to the conversation and trying to take advantage of it. Would the PR campaign pass the exam of informing rather than selling, or would it come across as underhanded and insensitive?

Public relations goals

3. Place Client goals at the start of the campaign- Set clear achievable goals, in this unsettling time of changing news and events, there might not be enough space in the media for broad coverage of a product launch. Be honest and realistic.

4. Target your Media Channel- Instead of blasting the same press release to hundreds of journalists, Invest some time to customize your pitch, built on the outlet, reporter, producer and what’s happening in the world, or even in their own neighborhoods.

Public relations analytics

5. Do not spam Media Channels- Their lives, like many of ours, have been unsettled by work-from-home orders. They might be trying to manage child care, an out-of-control loose feed, and conference call — all while trying to meet deadlines. Keep your pitches brief and on topic, and work to serve reporters’ needs.

The qualities that allow PR professionals to not only survive but also thrive in uncertain times remain unchanged. In fact, those qualities of diligence, honesty, and integrity have never been more important than they are now.

By incorporating those traits, you will not only serve your clients and media colleagues but also yourself — over the short and long terms.

Hope this was of any use to you, Stay tuned for more.

Thank You.

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