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How to handle Social media hate and look professional

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Social media is an important and useful asset for your company and brand. It helps you build good relations with your customer that leads to the generation of good leads

However, at times, Social media sites can spread negativity. And when that happens you should always handle it with care and be prepared for it,

Here are 3 tips that you can follow to handle Social media hate and look professional

1) Be calm and empathetic

  • The immediate reaction to such situations should not be to avoid them, but rather to take a lighter, more personal approach. Sometimes, social media plays the role of a “Good conductor” for conflict and crisis.

  • If the lighter approach doesn't work, shift the conversation to a more private setting by asking the offender directly message you. At this point, you need to take the conflict away from the public view while still looking for a solution.

2) Play the disappearing card

  • If the offender is purposely looking for a crisis and doesn't want things to settle, you have the option of deleting the comment,

  • It should be noted though, that this should be done only as the last resort when you are unable to find a solution, and should not be mistaken for 'constructive criticism'

  • There's is one more trick that you can do, some social media sites provide the option of listing certain words in a 'ban list' so if any word from the ban list appears in the comment section, the entire comment will automatically get deleted/hidden.

3) Ban/Block the hate spreader (for severe cases)

  • When the situation escalates to a severe case when an individual is aggressive or troublesome, you can ban/block him or her from your page. That person will no longer be able to comment on any of you post after that.

  • If the situation is bad enough, you can also report the person on the respective social media site.

But what to do when the situation is not of 1 person, and your brand/company is in the middle of a crisis and bad publicity and because of that, there is a rise in negative and hateful comments.

In this case, you should try doing these 5 steps

  • Suspend the comment option from your posts for everyone.

  • Hide/Remove the business reviews option from all your social media handles

  • Be aware that the first 2 options will put a negative impact on your SEO and will affect all your positive reviews

  • Disable the tagging option of your page.

  • And as a last resort, you can hide your social media profiles by unpublishing your handle, this won't delete your account but the visitors won't be able to see your profile.

There are a lot of steps you can take to handle the situation before letting it get to this point.

There is always a way out of every situation, you should always start with a calm approach, that is received properly and most of the time leads to things getting defused.

Hope this blog was of any help to you.

Thank you for reading

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