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6 PR And Marketing Tips For Effectively Managing Businesses In The COVID-19 Era.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It’s been roughly three months that COVID-19 has started to flip our lives upside down. The COVID-19 situation has changed the way we live, work and do business. Despite all of this it is vital for businesses to conduct their public relations to the best of their ability to maintain a reputation and keep the business going.

You can’t continue your business as usual amidst the pandemic. We are living in the COVID 19 era and everything you did to run your business before must be done differently now, including your PR and Marketing strategies. The key strategy for surviving and thriving through this period is flexibility and willingness to adapt new ways for doing business.

The COVID 19 era is the best time for businesses to restart and reevaluate their objectives by changing the traditional way of doing business. Here are some PR and Marketing tips that will help you re-calibrate your PR plans right away!

Focus on thought leadership

Thought leaders are recognized as experts in their respective fields. They’re the spokesperson and the face of their business. It's time we bid adieu to the old conventional PR and Marketing ways and even product launches. So without the usual press releases, one of the best ways to stay relevant is through thought leadership. Make webinars your new friend and stay connected in the most effective way! A well-researched and well written thought leadership piece can get your brand out there in the public eye. With most of the developed countries now locked down at homes, any thought leadership piece could be insightful.

Enhance and utilize your online presence

With most of the world being glued to their computers and smartphones more than ever, it's time for businesses to cease this great opportunity. It won’t make much sense if businesses talk or promote their products to their audience right now. Instead you can address them by using your social media presence or even a blog post. The digital transformation is upon us and as savvy-public relations professionals you should be well prepared to back up your PR strategies, especially at a time when many brands are operating with a tight marketing and PR budget.

Focus on the human element - Influencer Marketing

In the COVID 19 era, Influencer Marketing has become a huge deal for businesses today. 70% of social media users tend to trust the opinions of influencers. The trust mainly comes from the belief these influencers build with their audience that makes them look at it more than just a brand promotional message. People want to hear real stories from real people more than they want to read miscellaneous quotes sprinkled aimlessly across dozens of websites and publications. This is why Influencer Marketing has taken over the front seat to the narrative!

Creating greater PR driven campaign

A creative PR-driven campaign works wonders in grabbing eyeballs and improving brand visibility. It is said that an effective PR-led campaign is possible to lead increase in over 200% sales. Campaigns like Whisper ‘Touch The Pickle and Lifebuoy’s ‘Haath, Munh aur Bum’ campaigns are some great examples of a successful PR-driven campaign that had higher impact on the masses.

Create a new message for your audience

People around are panicking about the uncertainty of events happening around the world. During this time you need to build a stronger, deeper connection with your customers by comforting them. You need to be more careful with the words you use or the message you give out, be it in your blog, on LinkedIn, on Twitter or even a Press Release. You can come up with ways that can tailor or solve the concerns of your customers. Your customers will eventually trust you and they will relate with you and your work even more.

Planning a post-COVID future for your business

To plan and strategize a post-COVID future for your business, you need to update your PR and Marketing plans accordingly. Ultimately the coronavirus outbreak will end sooner or later. Which is why you need to make the best out of the extra time you have now. Strategize and reevaluate your objectives, plan attainable goals once the crisis is over. This way you’ll be more likely to hit the ground running and get back on track.

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