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How to hold a successful Virtual Press conference- In 5 easy steps

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

How to successful hold a virtual press conference

The process in which we communicate is progressing and is constantly in a loop of change. We can connect, create, and grow our business on multiple online platforms despite the current crisis. With the rapid growth of technology which has now made our lives easier, we find more ways to share our message on a wider scale to reach bigger audiences.

The pandemic made us believe that finding a better alternative in executing your daily work is essential, one of which could be a Virtual Press conference. Virtual Press conferences are pocket friendly and allow journalists and News agencies to attend without involving the risk of COVID-19, safely from their homes and offices.

Considering that, here are 5 steps for you that will help you in holding a successful Virtual Press Conference.

Virtual press conference steps

1) Keep it simple- When you are holding a virtual press conference you want to make sure that it is engaging and covers all key messages you wish to address. That is why it is always better to plan out the purpose and all the key messages you want to convey to your audience.

Introduce your audience in the beginning and provide a recap towards the end to give them a better chance at keeping the information that you are providing.

Though keeping it simple doesn’t mean making your Press conference boring, Make sure you spend some time and create an engaging presentation. Make it as creative and engaging as possible.

Things to check before a virtual press conference

2) Inspect all devices before-hand- When you are preparing for a virtual press conference, you should do the same inspection as you do for an in-person conference. When you are presenting virtually, it is more important to avoid technical difficulties.

Check all the required equipment like- microphones, internet connection, and the camera.

During a virtual press conference, you don’t want to come off as unprepared and waste the audience’s time trying to figure out any technical problems.

Virtual press conference overview

3) Give a short overview- An In-person conference is easier to follow as the audience is fully present. But that is not the same virtually. In order to keep your audience focused, make sure you give an introduction, A brief of what is to come.

Then at the end of the initial presentation, open the conference for questions. A lot of online platforms provide an option of ‘Chatbox’ where the audience can communicate easily without any confusion and interruptions during the conference.

Any questions that can’t be answered within the conference should be recorded and reviewed to provide answers afterward.

4) Reserve some extra time- Press conferences don’t always go exactly as planned. It could be easy to lose the track of time during a thought-provoking discussion. That is why you should set aside some extra time in the conference and inform the audience of this extra time slot

When the audience expects a little more extended discussion, they can prepare for it accordingly. and it will be far better than the audience feeling misled and leaving the conference early or staying longer than intended and hoping the meeting would be more “in and out.”

How to hold a virtual press conference

5) Give access to supporting information- Link the documents of the conference with a little summary and supporting information.

Offering easily accessible supporting information will please your audience because you are taking away the efforts they needed to spend in order to search the same information

Ensure all your resources are available, including some quotable highlights and any additional parties involved. Offering recorded audio or video will allow absent event attendees to access your content and open the conversion to the public who may find your conversation helpful.

Thank you for reading.

Hope this was what you were looking for! Stay tuned for more.

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