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How To Implement Influencer Marketing During A Pandemic

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Influencer Marketing in India

The rise of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has urged businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. Most businesses are now careful with their investments and are no longer experimental, they pre-plan their goals and strategize accordingly. Influencer Marketing during a pandemic plays a vital role as businesses are looking for valuable ROI in a relatively leaner budget.

Businesses can sustain and thrive successfully if they diversify and shun the traditional way of doing business. Amidst the pandemic social media usage has increased tremendously. Brands and celebrities are leveraging through Instagram Live, YouTube and other video platforms to create marketing content and connect with their audience.

'Influencer Marketing' during a pandemic is the only right path forward if you’re doing it for the right reason with the right influencers. Since Influencer Marketing is now a mainstream form is business communication too, working with trusted voices has become very important.

How to approach Influencer Marketing strategies in COVID-19?

Influencer Marketing during a pandemic

Audience integration

Even Influencer Marketing can be a bit tricking in understanding the right audience! An Influencer Marketing agency must choose the right influencer whose voice can bring value to the business. At the same time fits in your budget and uses the right social media platform. If you have an ecosystem of influencers, first start with segregating them into categories and know their audience well.

Intelligent vetting

Once you get the right influencer it is time to analyze their audience reach! As a business you must ensure that you’re getting the desired impact from your target audience and for that you must use intelligent vetting. Today anyone can be an influencer hence the followers count doesn’t matter. But one must spend time manually vetting potential influencers to review and analyze metrics and also know what their persona is like.

Content creation

A brand or an influencer can’t single handedly come up with the best content that matches their potential. Which is why brands and influencers must co-create content that brings value to them both. Brands and influencers must brainstorm content ideas together to get results and leave an everlasting impact.

Measure impact

Influencer Marketing goals will be achieved only if you have a well-researched and developed plan. Businesses must analyze their start points to the end result achieved before implementing Influencer Marketing. Spend time to develop a measurement strategy by establishing KPI’s (key performance indicators) across your plan. This will ensure that your Influencer Marketing strategy is getting you the indented results.

Make sure you analyze audience segmentation in content to COVID-19 before measuring your KPI’s! As the situation is unpredictable businesses must strategize according to the current market trends and choose the right influencer, accurate cause and cater to the right audience. Influencer Marketing and be transformative only if you strategically plan your goal.

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