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6 Steps in creating a successful PR plan

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Every journey starts with a roadmap and an effective PR plan is a roadmap you need to grow your business on, a crucial part of your marketing plan. Unfortunately, not many of us know the importance of having great PR in business or how ideas and goals are put into action. Just like many things in life, that’s easier said than done. PR can help your business go places and bring the right traffic to your business.

Today we have almost survived the pandemic slowdown, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and need help to refocus, rebuild, and re-EARN through a communications plan that drives real business goals. So we have just the right blog for you! In this blog, we’ll be digging into the “rules” of building a PR plan that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Last month we spoke about the Do’s and Don’ts of Public Relations in India and today we will discuss the steps in creating a successful PR plan.

Let’s begin,

GSOT- This acronym is useful in developing a PR plan, So follow us here,

Goals: Goals are your primary outcomes

Strategy: The strategy of how you will achieve your goals

Objectives: Steps you take as part of your strategy to achieve your goals.

Tactics: Tools used to pursue the objective associated with your strategy.

Your PR plan must include all of these elements.

1) Decide your PR goals- Let’s get down to the very beginning. As it’s a very good place to start. One of the biggest mistakes most people make while making their PR plan is not first to look at the goals.

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement and creativity of the plan development and completely lose track of the reason we do public relations in the first place.

So the first thing you must do before you start your PR plan is to determine the goals.

2) Plan for Both Long and Short-Term- Think of it as a long run and break it down into smaller milestones. For eg., You decide that in 5 years your goal is to generate 5 crores in revenue,

Now, let’s break it down into smaller steps, Let’s say first, to where you need to be at the end of year one, to make that happen. Then divide that up into monthly or quarterly milestones and objectives to track. It’s crucial you work in both the long-term and short-term space.

3) The strategy will steer your goals- Strategy here is, how you approach your goals and tactics A strategy is still not tactics though. The strategy is “how” in approach, whereas tactics are “how” in action. If your plan is a play, the strategy is your plot and the different media types are the actors.

We will use owned media to…

We will use earned media to……and so on

4) Your objectives are the Proof of an Excellent PR strategy-

Let’s assume your goal is to generate 1 crore in revenue by the end of the year 2021. What do you need to do, In order to achieve that goal?

Objectives force you to break down goals in a specific and measurable way.

They serve as “proof” you are executing your strategy effectively

Objectives always revolve around action, such as:

● Drive

● Increase

● Convert

5) Tactics help you achieve your PR objectives- So let’s say you have a podcast as a product and your goal is to double the number of subscribers to your podcast in 2021.

The objectives that you put out are:

● Generate 10,000 leads

● Convert 10 percent of those leads

● Retain 80 percent of current subscribers

6) Last but not least- Don’t forget to track your results- Things like Domain Authority, keywords search rank, and website visitors and engagement are things you might want to measure for owned media.

Whereas, click rate, downloads, and conversion rate at certain goals or milestones, for paid media You’ll keep track of each media type and use them, along with your objectives to measure and analyze the progress of your PR plan.

This allows you to adjust, based on data, to keep your strategy focused, on track, and driving your goals.

Follow the steps that we mentioned above, and they may help you plan and execute a successful PR plan.

Hope this was what you were looking for! Stay tuned for more.

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