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How to organically grow on Instagram-With 8 tested formulas

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

How to organically grow on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best marketing tools available in the industry today, It is easy to use and budget-friendly. Brands and companies who spend their time promoting and growing themselves on Instagram end up having a huge audience reach with loyal customers. You as an individual arrive at the point where you think and realize taking your precious startup on the next level? And you have been curious about what it takes to grow your startup on Instagram?

Instagram now has more than one billion users and sky-high user engagement levels and still growing on Instagram can be tough, especially for startups. Whether you’re growing your own personal brand or working on behalf of a company, read on the 8 guiding principles of growing your startup on Instagram we uncovered that could help you grow a bigger, more relevant audience on Instagram.. We made it plain and simple for you

1) Understand your usersEvery user is an evangelist of your product. There’s no long-term benefit of promoting your content to people who have no interest in you and your product/service. They’ll unfollow you in no time, and you’ll be left wondering where it all went wrong. There’s no loyalty there. So the more you spend time studying your target audience, the more it will help you grow your brand's reach and loyalty.

2)Make your users love you- The audience you spent your time studying, should in return like you and your product. So make sure you do things to keep them satisfied on Instagram. Use Instagram stories, Reels, and Live sessions to connect with your audience. This will help your audience get a personalized feel from your account and brand, which will help bring you more loyal customers

3)Offer good customer service — Because it is not just only about growing your audience, but also keeping them loyal. This can be achieved by excellent customer service, and Instagram provides a wonderful platform to do that.

4)Spend as little as possible — Money is not the best way to attract customers. If you are new on the platform, don’t just start shooting advertisements without any good content. In fact at the starting stage spend as much time as you can, on good quality content creation

5) Create engaging content- Instagram users are engaging and love to share and comment on photos and videos that they think are good. In order to catch your audience’s attention on Instagram, the first rule is to create engaging content. The more engaging your content is, the more likely people will share it.

Will discuss how to create some good engaging content in some other blog, Moving on.

6) Post regularly- After you’ve gathered fresh and engaging content, the next step is to schedule your posts for one week to one month—depending on how far out you like to plan. The key is posting at the right time. For example, the best time for travel and tourism is on Friday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. while the best time for media and entertainment are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 3 p.m.

Instagram organic growth

7) Keep an eye on your competitors- The next step is to observe your competitors, Check out what content is working for your competitors, have a close eye on your competitors' comments section, you might find your next content idea there.

8) Don’t get demoralized — Instagram fame sounds easy to get, but it is not that easy, you have to give in a lot of effort, believe in yourself, your team, and on your vision no matter what!

If you don’t want to spend money and still grow an engaged following, these methods work and are free to use. In our experience, gaining your first 1,000 followers in two months by doing this is very achievable. This means that in less than two years, you could achieve 10,000 followers without spending a penny. All while building a true and engaged audience.

Hope this blog was of any use to you.

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