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8 Core Factors That Shape An Ideal Influencer Marketing Campaign

The industry has grown leaps and bounds in the past few months and Influencer Marketing has played a huge role in it. It has paved the way for brands to build connections, create social presence, and highlight their value proposition through strategic partnerships with knowledgeable influencers.

However, it is not easy to have a successful run at a drop of a hat. Influencer Marketing campaigns need to be planned, researched and have a strategic communication approach with your target audience. Brands need to get their resources, priorities and strategies aligned. It’s not as simple as finding a few popular people on social media, offering them your product, and watching the sales shoot up.

These 8 factors will help you attain your goals through a solid Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Clear Key Performance Indicators

Every organization has marketing goals. But do your Influencer Marketing goals are aligned to it? First things first. Determine what you wish to achieve through your influencer campaign. Do you need to increase engagement? Do you want to promote a new product? Increase followers? Drive email subscriptions? Earn sales? Answering these questions will help you identify the key performance indicators that you will need to measure in order to track ROI.

Cooperation between your brand and influencers

Choosing the best influencer can be an uphill task. Today there are thousands of creative influencers but narrowing down to the ones who fit well with your target audience, posting content that aligns with your brand, or within your price range is not easy. The very first question you need to ask yourself when vetting influencers is: "Does this influencer reach my target audience?" If the answer is yes, then you move on to identify other areas of synergy to make the collaboration as seamless and authentic as possible.

Build a relationship and offer value

When you work with influencers to support a product launch can be successful only if the best ROI will come from building long-term relationships where the influencer serves as an extension of your brand and their followers come to see you as a company that can be trusted in the long term. Hence, get to know their audience and the ways they communicate and interact.

Strike balance between creative freedom and guidance

Micromanaging an influencer campaign can cost you some of the biggest benefits that come along with influencer partnerships. The goal of influencer marketing campaigns is to use the platform of a person with whom your target audience already relates. If you try and test new ways to connect with their audience then you’re risking the effectiveness of your campaign. Hence giving influencers the freedom to bring their own style to the content will showcase an authentic flavour.

Choose the right channel for your campaign

Having a great product or strong campaign idea sets the base but having to align it with the correct platform to see the optimal results is the crucial part. When you’re choosing your platform, consider which audience you’re focusing on and where they’re most likely to spend their time.

Evaluate the engagement rate

An influencer's engagement rate forms the basic idea of what interests their audience and how responsive they are. If you’re aware of the engagement an influencer typically earns you have a baseline for what you can expect in terms of interaction with your campaign. In today's time, it is important to prioritize engagement over follower count because the number of the audience doesn’t matter if the audience is disconnected and unresponsive

Choose the best timing

You want people to see the content you create! When you’re developing an influencer campaign, it’s important to pay attention to timeframes and to when your target audiences are most likely to be online and engaged. It's time you don’t overlook the engagement time frame if you want maximum traction.

Measure the success of your campaign

After executing an influencer campaign, you must measure its success in order to find the loopholes and ways where you could work on collectively. Having a successful influencer campaign requires a collective effort and a holistic approach. Note down the good and bad aspects that occurred while executing your campaign to have a smoother run in your next campaign.

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