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Top 3 Indian Seltzer brands to try in 2022

Hard Seltzers are a craze that has taken over the world. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Gordon Ramsey and Travis Scott have been seen raving about this craze. Hard Seltzers are a bubbly and refreshing beverage with carbonated water, distilled alcohol infused with amazing fruity Flavours.

These Seltzers are not as calorie inducing as other alcoholic beverages and allows for a guilt-free night of celebrations. The beverage is a triple distilled grain-free spirit and is gluten-free. That makes seltzers the perfect drink for people who are conscious of their health. They are also keto, paleo and vegan friendly. It’s a big hit among millennials.

Instead of having all-night bingers, millennials are focusing their celebrations on the people around them. Seltzers are the solution to your day-after hangovers. Seltzers also allow for a variety of flavours because Seltzers are inherently flavourless. We relish sipping cocktails and hard drinks, but the daunting fear that keeps us from having a good time is the scare of a hangover and excess calories. Hard Seltzers lets you have all the fun without worrying about the hangover and the calories. They also do not bloat you up, so they are the perfect drink for fitness enthusiasts.

“Hard-seltzers are becoming increasingly popular across the globe as a perfect combination of a hydrating and refreshing alcoholic beverage. It is healthier and thus a preferred alternative to beer,” said Kosumbi Roy, National Sales Head, Wild Drum Beverages.

Seltzers have been a huge craze in the west for a while but now brands are adapting Seltzers to the Indian Market. These three brands are bringing Hard Seltzers to the Indian market. If you haven’t tried them all, you are missing out on some of the best alcoholic beverages out there!

Wild Drum

Wild Drum was formulated by master brewers from Canada and Australia and then tailored to the palate for Indian audiences. They have four flavours presently and are expanding their range - Pure, a zesty lemon-mint, a sweet mango and a fruity peach.

Their Seltzers have less calories than a pint of beer with two frequencies - 4.75% alcohol and 8% alcohol. They are now available across Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh.


You might only think of Smirnoff when you think of Vodka but Smirnoff also sells amazingly light Hard Seltzers in a variety of flavours. Their line of hard seltzers includes fruity flavours like cranberry lime, blood orange, berry lemonade, raspberry rosé and piña colada.

But that’s not all! They also have a line of rosé themes hard seltzers which means that your favourite wine now comes as a seltzer. The flavours include strawberry rosé, white-peach rosé, and pink-apple rosé.

Four Loko

Four Loko makes one of the strongest hard seltzers in the business. Their ABV is around 12%. It comes in two sugary flavours - black-cherry and sour-mango. They have recently entered the hard seltzer game and have already started creating waves.

Their strong malt and textured fruity flavour really amplifies the seltzer. They are currently advertising as the ‘Hardest Seltzer in the Universe’

Hard Seltzers are the perfect drink for people who want to let loose without having a hangover the next day!

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