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‘Napkin Tops,’ A Latest Risque Or A High-Risk Fashion Trend!?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Just when we thought that the fashion experts are done experimenting with the 90’s fashion trends, another #fashionthrowback from the past has made its return and we forgot how badly we missed it. ‘Napkin Tops’ are the newest risque fashion trend women are loving, especially when paired with high waisted. It is exciting to see women pull off backless tops, lingerie-Esque dresses, and more bold outfits with elegance. But the modern reinvention comes with its own risks.

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The ‘Napkin Top’ trend that has taken the fashion world by storm, is definitely the next big thing but is it safe to wear it without getting trapped into a wardrobe malfunction? If you ask us, we would definitely dare to follow the style from the ’90s and recommend it to you too. Clearly this is the year to take risks as we’ve already seen g-string bras and lace-up midriff making a huge mark in the fashion industry.

Napkin Tops are the perfect outfit to wear on a date night paired with gold jewellery and a fitted skirt. It looks like one must definitely take the risk especially if you’re someone who is out looking for experimenting with their style. When it is way too hot outside all you need is a little fabric! Napkin Top’s trend is exactly when fashion meets elegance. These are some Napkin Tops that are super elegant and a total must-have!

So, perhaps it is no wonder that fashion enthusiasts are following the trend and wearing flimsy strip fabric tied with a string which makes it look even sexier. If your concerns are that it’ll be too risky than you can use a crochet material Napkin Top that stays on your body perfectly without showing too much.

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We don’t know about you but we’re loving this daring fashion statement that you must try too. If you’re blessed in the boob department than this style is meant for you!

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