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How LinkedIn Has Changed The Digital Landscape For Businesses and Professionals

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A key to business success is to have a strong network and LinkedIn dominates as the platform where professionals go mainly to do business. Today, about 50 million organizations around the globe rely on LinkedIn pages to help them engage with their customers, prospects, and employees. This is why LinkedIn is constantly upgrading its features and adding new promising features to build a connection with professionals and businesses that matter the most to your business.

Right engagement is the key to results. You first need to focus on the professional brand or business and audience you wish to connect with. To engage with your audience, certain features including Invite to follow, LinkedIn Live integration, and new posting options can help you give your followers, customers, and employees the right value behind your brand.

Here are some of the recent updates on LinkedIn that have changed the digital space for businesses.

Linkedin launches Qualified Applicant (QA) AI model for hirers

LinkedIn launched a Qualified Applicant (QA) AI model, which learns the kinds of applicant skills and experience that a hirer is looking for based on their engagement with past candidates. It uses the model to help its members find jobs for which they have the best chance to hear back from and to reduce the likelihood of the hirers overlooking promising applicants by highlighting those who are a great fit.

LinkedIn’s ‘Sales Navigator”

Professional networking major LinkedIn is now pushing its sales productivity tools aggressively in India and brands like CISCO Tech Mahindra, IBM, and others are using LinkedIn for tracking their sales virtually. This will allow users to find and reach over 185 million potential sales leads in the Asia-Pacific region. LinkedIn also released its new guide for using its events and live-streaming tools.

LinkedIn’s new guide on events and Live streaming

With businesses opting to Live sessions to engage with the audience during COVID-19, LinkedIn published its new guide on how to use its events and live-streaming tools to run engaging digital functions. LinkedIn’s new guide looks on how to bring greater value by utilizing these options in the best way and includes pointers that will help you plan one! Firstly LinkedIn gives an overview of the two, followed with pointers and checklist.

LinkedIn launches “polls’ features

In 2020, LinkedIn along with its other recent updates launches a new ‘Polls’ feature, a quick way for members to tap into the collective knowledge of their professional networks - to gain perspective over a subject. ‘Polls’ allows members to reach out to their audience and gain insights, share it with others, and make an informed decision based on their response.

LinkedIn introduces new retargeting tools

LinkedIn introduced its new retargeting features in 2020 - retargeting capabilities tied to video ads, lead generation, and brand safety integration. That means advertisers can now create target ads mainly for users who watch 25, 50 75, or 100% of their video ads. On the retargeting front, they can also target ads at users who opened or submitted a ‘Lead Gen Form’

These are some of the latest features/ updates introduced by LinkedIn in 2020 and there’s more to come!

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