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6 Habits of successful Social media experts

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Everyone is aware of the fact that social media is one of the most important factors of any business. It is where you connect with clients, potential customers, and generate leads.

But marketing on social media is not as easy as it sounds, Its not just about posting photos or tweeting something on trending topics. In order to generate leads of your social media marketing, you have to plan and be strategic about your posts, tweets, pins, etc.

Here are 6 Habits of successful social media experts-

Social media experts strategy

1) They listen to their audience- They are aware that, without their audience they are nothing. They understand the importance of listening to their audience

They keep a close eye on what their audience is saying and how they are saying it. Then they take that information and use it to create more content.

2) They make content for their audience and not themselves- Social media experts understand the importance of giving quality content to the audience. If they just sat back and post whatever content they felt like with no regard to their audience, they would miss a ton of potential clients and leads.

They take note of what works and what doesn't works, what gets engagement, and what gets ignored. They play off of what their audience likes and what they don't.

3) They use all social media platforms in a way they are supposed to be used- All social media platforms are different, and a social media expert knows to take advantage of that.

Depending on the industry of their business/brand, they choose to focus on the few platforms that will benefit them the most, instead of spreading themselves too thin by trying to tackle all of them.

For example, videos perform really well on Twitter and Facebook, but not so well on Pinterest.

Habits of Social media experts

4) They set clear, achievable goals- In order for social media experts to meet a goal, They need to have one. The more clear and specific the better, by doing this they can easily get to know what they are doing is working or not.

For example- If you want to increase your Instagram followers, you should have a specific number in mind. Then when you work on it, you can check the growth and tell whether your efforts are working or not.

Important Note- Do not set goals that are too far out of your reach. Start with smaller ones. Small improvements can add up to big successes, without the stress and discouragement.

5) They track and Analyse Important data- Most of the social media tools provide analytics and insights. A social media expert knows the real importance of such data. They conclude the success and failure of their goals using such data.

If you’re just putting content out there for your audience and not measuring its effectiveness, how are you going to make it improve? It's like driving a car blindfolded and hoping that you do not crash.

6) They Engage and communicate with their audience- The whole point of social media is to connect with your audience. Social media experts not only listen to their audience but also connect with them.

They try to make meaningful relationships with their audience because without their audience there is no business.

Engaging with your audience and communicating with them, by posting tips/tricks, replying to the comments, chatting in the DMs, etc. builds trust. The audience starts to see a personality behind the brand, which makes your business more personable. This leads to more trust & more sales.

Hope this blog was of any help to you.

Thank you for reading

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