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OTT and OTD: How TV is inspiring fashion trends all across the globe

Whether you’re into bold prints and patterns like Emily, or soft tones in intricate designs like young ladies of the ton; there's a show for every style, and a style for everyone. Whether it be movies, soaps, or series, reel life has long influenced real life, and it is no different for our fashion choices.

Iconic movie styles have found their way into the history of modern pop culture. Inspiring thousands of men and women to glam up on special occasions and revamp everyday outfits. So whether you are trying to live vicariously through the character living your dream life, and if you see yourself in the eyes of the sweet best friend and supporting actor, it is only natural that you take on some of their flair.

Dreamy or Daily

To stroll under the summer sun in sweet pastels might be a dream for most of us, but it's a daily routine for the regency era women from our favourite period dramas. In complete contrast is Emily's brave outfits in not so easy to pull off prints and mixes. Which brings the question- are these OTT outfits a daily or just dreamy?

Lipstick and attack

Coco Chanel was truly a visionary, and in her words ‘if you are sad, If you are heartbroken, make yourself up, dress up, add more lipstick and attack. Men hate women who weep.” While part of this quote might be problematic today, she was spot on about one thing and always will be - lipstick and attack. Makeup isn’t just about looking pretty, but as we have seen with our favourite OTT characters, it is about self expression. Doniella Davy, the creator behind the ICONIC Euphoria looks agrees. Neon eyeshadow, rhinestones, and coloured liner have all come out of the screens complimenting real life OTDs. So whether you’re going for the intensely captivating goth look on a Wednesday, or the cute and casual korean chic from your favourite k-drama,

Reuse reduce recycle

Sustainable fashion is all the buzz today, and rightfully so. With fast fashion sourcing irresponsibly and generating tons of waste, couture lovers have been trying to make choices that are increasingly ethical and sustainable. But of course, many people still find it hard to believe that ‘sustainable’ can also mean fashionable. Making a difference are the costume directors at Love Island UK. For the show, celebrity stylist Amy Bannerman has curated a spectacular wardrobe with unique pieces, to promote its authenticated range and the imperfect range, with luxury fashion pieces which are sure to grab your attention, even with its minor imperfections.

A splash of colour

Everyone knows the struggle of finding that perfect shade of green or pink. While costume designers in our shows might not have the struggle for fabric and resources, they sure do use their colour choices very cleverly. ‘To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved’ fans who eagerly binged watched sweet little Kitty’s story definitely would have noticed how she always has an element of her favourite colour, yellow. This is Lady Whistledown’s readers would never have missed how the colour palette of Kate Sharma’s subtle and gorgeous gowns slowly changes to reflect her true feelings towards viscount Bridgerton.

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