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6 Mistakes Businesses Make While Building An E-commerce Website

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The importance to digitalize your business has made leaders take the plunge to start their own online presence. The emergence of new startups and a generation full of entrepreneurs is great but the aspect that will make one’s business success is knowing your audience well. Staying relevant is key to grow in the market. Particularly in the e-commerce world, where thousands of websites go unnoticed eventually leads to the same for brands.

Speaking of the same, developing a website could be tricky if you’re unaware of the dos and don’ts at first. If you’re looking to reach out to a wider audience and take your business to the next level you should learn the ropes of e-commerce by getting your basics right.

Considering that, here are some comprehensive mistakes one must avoid while building an e-commerce website.

Choosing the wrong platform

The first step when it comes to building an e-commerce website is to choose the right platform. The platform you build your website forms the foundation of your website. It decides the performance, reach, appeal design, and success of your store.

Some platforms are based on the WYSIWYG framework that allows you to create functional websites without having to write a line of code. While others require some basic coding skills. Also, different website builders serve different purposes. Some are best suited for blogs, while others assist growing startups. Hence choose a platform that suits your business well!

No SEO strategy

Regardless of how appealing and professional your website looks, it comes down to the ranking of your website on top search engines. A good SEO ranking is crucial for your business! SEO isn’t just about including relevant keywords and catchy search phrases. Other important elements include; getting an idea of what to post and when to post so the content is seen by a maximum number of users.

Having no social media

People misunderstand the idea of having a social media account. For a business, social media plays a key role in adversely promoting your business. You reach out to your audience, get industry insights, trends, and connect with other businesses. It is recommended to have a reviews section and initiate a conversation or engage with your target customers.

Overuse of pop-up

A study reveals that over 55% of visitors leave your website in less than a minute. You have a short span of time to keep the visitors on your website interested. Which is why Popup ads are a fun and catchy way to engage with your audience or grab their attention. However, overusing Popups may hinder the main motive of the visitor which would make them leave the website within a short span of time. Ads are a good way to earn some money but only if used smartly!

Not having a mobile-friendly website

It is important to optimize your website for mobile devices as over 50% of people use smartphones to search for information online. The numbers have increased over the years. Your website would be perfect for desktop users but not easy for mobile device users. Hence as an entrepreneur, you must monetize these opportunities to help your website rank high on the search engines.

Inaccurate CTA

CTA or call to action option is a useful way of gaining subscribers. Your website might have the most amazing content, appealing design, and features but what next does a visitor do? They would look for a call to action information to get in touch with your business. Usually, CTA or call to action is seen at the start of the website so visitors find it convenient to browse through the website.

Avoid making these basic mistakes while you build an e-commerce website, to rank high on search engines and grow your business.

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