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Brand Awareness | Influencer Driven Strategy


Sunteck, a luxury properties company, aimed to enhance brand awareness, generate substantial buzz, and ultimately increase sales for their upscale properties.


To achieve their objectives, We devised a strategic plan that involved partnering with influential individuals in the real estate and lifestyle sectors. By offering exclusive deals and leveraging user-generated content (UGC), the campaign aimed to establish trust and authenticity. Sunteck collaborated with renowned influencers, including Simple Kaul, Akshay M, Hanna Khan, Brinda Shah, and Mumbai Bucketlist.

These influencers were carefully chosen based on their relevance to the real estate and lifestyle niches.
The influencers created and shared sponsored content about Sunteck's luxury properties on their social media platforms. To provide an immersive experience, the influencers shot engaging video content, such as reels, at the actual Sunteck properties. 

The result

Sunteck's campaign generated significant buzz and achieved remarkable results. The sponsored content produced by the influencers garnered an impressive 10 million impressions across various social media platforms.

Celeb Outreach


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