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Product Awareness | Influencer Driven Strategy

The Brief

Skippi Ice Pops collaborated with Glad U Came in October 2022, for an influencer led Navratri campaign. Skippi ice pop was started with  a desire to rekindle the love for chuskis in a more natural way. The brand aimed at making refreshing Chuskis for the children as well as for adults bringing back nostalgia from their school days. They received high recognition within a few months after appearing on Shark Tank India. In order for them to be recognised more, they wanted us to generate more buzz about the brand in the marketplace.

The plan

The collaboration was a huge success. We bagged some of the most influential names in the market like Jesika Jain and Aanchal Tewani. Connecting with influencers during this period was a crucial part of our  strategy for enhancing brand recognition and trust.  


The plan was to give 15% off on the Ice Pops to engage more audiences. The influencers used hashtags like #Navratriwithskippi #Passtheskippi #Getquirkywithskippi. We had influencers do instagram stories and reels which gained a lot of  traction. This  increased brand awareness and reach and eventually attracted a lot of attention. 

The result

We worked with 20 influencers and received over 50 million + views on social media channels. Developed major ties with influencers, and earned a lot of attention for the business. Also ended up obtaining a new audience with the marketing.

Influencer Outreach


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