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Why is working in a Media field interesting?

As graduation ceremonies come closer, students all across the globe question which industries they are supposed to go into. The media and entertainment industries have a great potential for growth. With the ever-widening scope in digital media, more and more professionals are joining this industry. The scope and range of the industry with its complexities is difficult to navigate. Sectors like SEO or data analysis are extremely lucrative right now. Otherwise traditional forms of media like journalism and television have attracted professionals for ages now.

With interesting subsections like radio, advertising television film and the increasing hold of the media on our personal lives, the participation in the media sector is growing. But does it stand up to what it promises?

Especially for the new millennial generation, the media and the entertainment industry is very attractive. One of the most important factors is that it nurtures talent and creativity. Media is required to be on the cutting edge of culture and innovation. It allows for people to channel their creativity into communication for the masses. They can have a medium and a platform to express their opinions and originality. It is also a great opportunity for people who can creatively communicate with the masses.

The media industry is thriving right now because of its wide scope. It is an umbrella sector that has several sub sectors with people from all walks of life. The spaces have a great range for growth. With new and interesting branches coming up like storyboard artists or Social Media Content Creation, the scope is endless and the opportunity is limitless. Media also allows for hyper-specialized career opportunities. The industries are at the cutting edge of technology, and the need for creative and technical people is limitless.

Media also allows for people’s participation. On-ground experience is more important than technical experience. It is an extremely practical field that gives its professionals a lot of space experiments. Because of how boundless it is, media professionals can take up opportunities to innovate with technology and mediums.

Media careers also provide a great deal of satisfaction. It provides an outlet for your vision and creativity and takes your opinions to the public. Most media professionals vouch for their companies and their jobs because of how rewarding their work experience is. Employee satisfaction in media firms is extremely high not just because of great workplace culture but also because of the satisfaction that comes from work.

Media carriers are also very alluring for people from all walks of life because of the flexibility that it allows their professionals. With the concept of freelance becoming more common in media, a lot of professionals from fields outside media have been able to contribute to media. Any professional can choose which field they want to engage with- comparatively less demanding fields means like freelancing or more demanding careers like film or journalism. The range is stupefying.

One of the most unique features is flexibility between different fields of media. A director for a TV show can also be a director for a film and can be a scriptwriter for a webcomic. A radio jockey can also be a voice actor and a journalist can be a scriptwriter. The roles you take up can be shuffled and there is never stagnant or boredom.

With factors like this, a media career is extremely lucrative. The ‘no stagnancy’ factor of media professionals also allows for a myriad of opportunities in this industry. The media industry is growing right now, especially with its digital outreach. A job in media and entertainment will be great not only for upcoming young professionals but also for people looking to jump industries. For people who possess the right skill set, getting into the media sector without formal education is simple. All you need is creativity and talent and a lot of originality!

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