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Why Celebrity Gifting has become crucial for brand campaigns/ promotions?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Celebrity gifting is a relatively new and popular PR strategy that benefits both celebrities and corporations. Social media and the exponential rise of these platforms have made it possible for a growing number of people to gain access to and gain insight into the lives of influential people such as celebrities, public figures, and individuals they personally look up to. This underlying concept of social media and the presence of celebrities on these platforms has invariably been effectively commercialised by the branding and marketing business.

Here are three main reasons why celebrity gifting has become integral to brand promotion:

1. It Increases Credibility among potential consumers

By reaching out to celebrities and influencers that fit the proposition of the product, brands can proliferate into the right target group. Reaching out to celebrities who can resonate with the brand has a dual benefit for both parties. The influencer can engage their audience by giving reviews and feedback, which, more often than not, are candid. This kind of transparent and intimate referral, especially by a personality of influence, is fruitful and makes for good press for the brand. Through celebrity gifting, brands can achieve a favourable image for themselves; the products and reviews of products directly demonstrated by celebrities on their social media handles are willingly accepted by their followers as the most unfiltered, unrehearsed, and honest interaction!

2. Exponential growth in consumer base

It is a simple equation but most effective! A niche influencer will have followers who are particularly engaged with the specific kind of content that the influencer/celebrity posts. So be it a micro-influencer or a macro influencer, reaching out to new audiences, making them aware of a brand's presence, or even exposing unique and contemporary markets to newer groups, celebrity gifting will check all these boxes! Reaching out to celebrities and tapping their audiences can be best done through the live and close engagement of gifting and product testing.

3. It Reflects Brand Identity

A brand can truly make an impression through the kind of PR packages they send. The brand's theme, aesthetic, and target group translate very vividly through the type of product they choose to send. Celebrity gifting is much more than just a package; it is a tool for brands to reflect their brand identity and can stir excitement, admiration, and immediate curiosity among the audience and followers. The appropriate placement of a product in a personalised or customised package can prove to be very tactful for the brand's promotion and help build long-term associations and more significant benefits among followers.

These are some of the ways that organisations might benefit from resulting in expanding their network and increasing engagement.

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