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Twitter Marketing And Recent Updates That has Helped In Social Media Evolution

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Twitter Marketing

Amongst other social media platforms, Twitter stands out to be a platform for everyone to voices their opinion, have debates and seek insightful information about various industries. Twitter is a powerful social networking tool and search engine in which one can typically find the latest information on virtual topics. It expands your reach and also provides quick customer service and client support if marketed well on Twitter.

Twitter Marketing is highly relevant for businesses to engage with their users, increase brand awareness, boost conversation, Twitter makes conversation super convenient and the increase in the number of the users make it one of the most preferred social media platform today. It is important to ensure the content is reached to the right audience that helps to generate leads and build a relation.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

But what is Twitter Marketing strategy?

A Twitter Marketing strategy is a well-thought plan revolving around creating, publishing, and distributing content for your potential buyers, target audience, and followers. The aim behind the strategic plan is to attract new followers and generate leads, boost conversation, create brand recall that increases sales.

Steps to follow in creating a Twitter marketing strategy:

  1. Research and understand your buyer’s persona and target audience.

  2. Create insightful and engaging content, keep your audience updated.

  3. Schedule each of your posts, just as you do with other social media platforms.

  4. Analyze your impact and results, see the engagement rate of each of your posts.

If you’re wondering why Twitter is a useful platform today you need to know about its recent updates and more!

Twitter introduces a new developer experience

Twitter introduces a new developer experience

The new revamp experience is improved by considering feedbacks and rebuilding the developer portal for everything related to Twitter API. Apart from considering various feedbacks, the app also worked alongside several developers, to deep-dive into the most common problems and resources asked for, that work with every developer working on the platform.

Twitter introduces a new developer experience

Twitter introduces a new developer experience

Conversation Settings and warning prompt was previously launched in the testing phase, and after gauging its response and feedback by users, Twitter has rolled it out with more updates in order to improve quality conversation over the platform. The setting is available in ‘The Tweet Composer’ itself, a user can tap it, choose the desired option, and select a setting.

Twitter adds translate bio option for app users

Twitter adds translate bio option for app users

Twitter has added the translate bio option to appear under profile bios that are different from the language the user uses the platform in. Interestingly, Twitter announced the feature with reference to K-Pop artists. This will help in the discoverability of accounts of various persons of interest and newsmakers, including politicians, authorities, celebrities, and journalists. The translations will be powered by Google Translate.

Apart from the above mentioned recent Twitter updated, consider it for business tactics as well as marketing steps mentioned above and get started with creating and distributing content on Twitter to help your business grow!

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