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Top Summer Trends of 2022

Summer is upon us, and it’s that time of the year again. From free-flowing dresses to pastel tints, it’s about time we up our fashion game. The fashion industry, however, witnessed a massive reboot during the pandemic. With the paradigm-shifting and Zoom calls becoming the new normal, there was an unprecedented change in how we see fashion as an audience. With COVID restrictions finally easing out, as we return to simpler times, we bring you the top summer trends of 2022 that are sure to find a place in your closet!

Mini it up!

The ultra mini skirt has graced every designer’s palette, whether international runways or homegrown brands. With temperatures soaring relentlessly and irrevocably, this piece of couture is here to stay.

Regional Block Prints

India is known for its rich regional aesthetics, and with designers amalgamating western ensembles with bold indigenous block prints, it is finally making a comeback. The Bagh of Madhya Pradesh, the Kalamkari of Andhra and the Ajrak of Mohenjo-Daro, summer of 2022, will host glamour with tradition.

Lay your hands on these quintessential block printing designs by Chaapa and make your summer worthwhile!

Pop of Playful Tints

This summer season, complement the sweet burn of the sun with a clash of playful colours. Very Peri, Cerulean, Kelly Green and Tangy Lime are the season's colours. Incorporate these into your wardrobe and give your style a summery spin!

Shop these summer essentials from Style Island Official and add a pop of colour to your wardrobe!

Gender-Fluid Fashion

Nothing is more beautiful than when an individual can boldly exhibit his style without being conditioned by generational stereotypes. The rule book is out of the window, with globally famous stars like Harry Styles and Ranveer Singh flaunting gender-fluid looks. Free fashion will be one of the biggest trends of summer 2022.

Less is More

If there’s one thing that we have learnt from blues pieces of denim and crisp classical whites, is that fashion does not have to be complicated. Top this with a quintessential no-makeup look and dainty jewellery, and be Summer’s forever muse!

Up your summer game by pairing your cool whites and blue denim with these minimalistic trinkets from Carat Crush and bling it away!

Summer of ‘22 is rooted in warmth, confidence and inclusivity. The key takeaways? Embrace changed equations, make bold sartorial choices and get ready to twirl in the sun!

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