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Top 4 Social Media Mishaps you should avoid as a SM Manager

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Social Media can make or break your brand. Social Media Marketing is one of the most important tools a company can use to increase its market credibility and customer base. You can perfectly tune your social media to target your audience and communicate with them and get feedback.

After understanding the importance of Social Media, it is vital not to make mistakes because a Social Media mishap can lead to a huge dip in your credibility and brand image overnight. As a Social Media Manager, it falls on you to craft the perfect message for your target audience that is equally engaging and informative.

Here are some mistakes that your should avoid

1. Do Not Act Like A Robot

Social Media is made to be interactive. As a manager, it’s your job to use Social Media effectively. Interacting with your audience, replying to their comments and answering their queries creates brand loyalty and makes your brand and platform a friendly experience. Having the same message on all platforms in a very formal tone will be monotonous and boring and will make you lose out on customers. Having constant engagement helps the algorithm pick your posts and show them to more of your target audience.

Social Media allows for inspiration and creativity. You should channel yours into your brand. Constantly changing your social media based on the reaction that your audience gives you is a great way to appear spontaneous and fun and you should keep up with trends.

2. Know Your Audience And Craft Your Message Accordingly

Targeting your audience is the most important aspect of social media marketing. Targeting a small niche on social media will get you more engagement than having a generalized message. You cannot cater to all audiences and trying to do that will just leave your target audience feeling alienated.

Having your message crafted for your audience that they can engage with is a great way to build brand loyalty. You should make your content informative and interactive.

3. Do Not Copy Or Re-share

Having content that is copied is an absolute no go. If most of your social media content is based on re-sharing other content or copying other content, you aren’t going to get engagement. Creating original trending content which your audience will respond to will create traction. If your content should be well thought out or your audience will think you don’t care about your brand image.

4. Do Not Underdeliver On Your Promises

Having a Social Media schedule is extremely important. Consistent posting will get more traction. Having dynamic conversations surrounding trending topics and regularly engaging with your audience is the best way to build a social media following. Always deliver on your promises and more - that is a great way to maintain customer loyalty. Having a consistent brand image and consistent schedule is extremely important for your social media game.


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