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Top 4 Email Marketing Mistakes that should be avoided at any cost

Email Marketing is a very popular yet one of the cheapest ways of marketing that can be used for advertising. It's not just time-saving but an effective and formal way to communicate your specifications to the person of concern. It also provides you the luxury to send your message at any hour of the day. But often, the marketers lose their clients due to some minor mistakes in drafting, sending, and following up that cost them their credibility and reliability in their own industry.

Experts suggest many guidelines to avoid these minor mistakes and here, we are covering some of the topmost suggestions given by them:

#1 "I Forgot that you are a Professional as You Did!"

It is a very common yet unacceptable behaviour recorded to date. If you are a professional marketer then how can you expect your clients to take you for granted? It means that as a professional, you cannot allow the client to underestimate your professionalism. Draft the mail in a very formal manner that not only "Greets" the receiver with respect but also "Thank" him/her for the time that has been consumed in reading your mail.

#2 "Content was not Subtle but Boring, so I Didn't Read..."

This happens when you choose distance over displacement. If the clients find the message you want to convey very lengthy and not to-the-point then it might be possible that they reject your proposal without even finishing reading it. So while drafting the email, keep in mind to keep your content short and subtle by just mentioning some "relevant keywords" and assembling those "relevant keywords" in shorter sentences.

#3 "I received your mail in Spam and I Ignored It"

Just Great! Now, your client has just slipped out because he didn't receive your mail or received but not in primary but spam, which calculatively is equivalent to not receiving. It happened because you "loaded" that email with heavy files like images and videos or even larger documents that crossed the limit of a valid email and got converted into spam. So, it is a must to check the size of your email before clicking the "send" button but if you do not then don't expect any reply from the other side because practically they haven't received your email.

#4 "We Lost Touch because You Never Followed"

When your client replies and you don't confirm that you have received the email then it becomes the right of the client to keep silent. It is an implied rule to follow up with your clients every now and then so that they remain in your touch and do not forget you. When you make your client wait then it might be possible that the relationship between both of you can be at stake and in a worse scenario, he decides to leave you on your own. So don't forget to follow up with your client by contacting him/her in very short periods.

These situations can be avoided by just being more careful and approaching. Then why wait? Analyse your Email Marketing Mistakes and work on them from today to make them grab profitable opportunities for your venture.

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