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PR say the voice of public relations (As a PR manager Do's and Don'ts)

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Public Relations is an invaluable and fundamental part of a business. The PR Manager is the person who handles vital departments like media relations, publications, guest relations, publicity and performs other functions.

Here are a few do’s and don'ts from a PR Managers point of view :

Do work on the company's message :

The first step while developing any kind of PR strategy is to keep the company message in mind. Creating and developing the company message is a must, depending on how one wants the business to be perceived and what kind of audience has to be targeted.

Do keep track of the latest news in the industry :

Staying up to date with content and what's going on in the industry is important. Also knowing what journalists write about current topics is a must so that the company can create customised pitches.

Do choose quality over quantity :

There is no need to focus on quantity over quality. No one will appreciate the content put up if it is of mediocre quality. Bombarding viewers with the content just to keep the numbers high is futile.

Do build brand loyalty through positioning :

One should build authority on their brand image in a positive way. Publishing PR pieces from trusted authentic sources help. When a customer sees the business in the editorial section he will trust it more than the paid advertising sections. A good PR strategy will help build brand credibility.

Do get in touch with journalists :

A company should always approach journalists as they always keep a watch for fresh pitches and leads. One should research and approach appropriate journalists and try to get them to publish good things about the company. One should never be fearful while approaching journalists.

Don’t ignore press releases :

Press releases are more important than ever to promote a new product or service, improve brand image, distribute information amongst millions and search engine optimization. Press releases can now include videos, images and other media which makes it more engaging.

Don’t batter and bombard media :

Following up with the media is a must but there is a code of conduct to be followed. One cannot keep spamming the media. Proper mails have to be sent at regular intervals and only if allowed, should one get on a call or meet personally.

Don’t lie about anything :

Maintaining goodwill is remarkably important for a business. A lie caught can bring down the company's hard-earned reputation in seconds. To be perceived as a brand that fakes claims is of high risk.

Don’t invade customer privacy :

A customer gives a brand their personal details and it is up to the brand to safeguard their privacy. Revealing private information is harmful to the company as well as to the customers.

Don’t ignore social media :

Online platforms are the contemporary way for advertising and marketing. They have a broad reach and also increase interactivity with users around the world. Top influencers or important persons can share the content which increases brand prestige.

These are a few points you can always keep in mind while creating and developing your PR strategies.

Thank You

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