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PR Mandate - Indulgeo Essentials

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Glad U Came wins PR Mandate for Indulgeo Essentials

~The agency's role will be to create a strategic communication framework for the brand with an advanced PR approach~

July 2021:

Glad U Came, a leading PR and Influencer Marketing Agency has been awarded with the PR Mandate for Indulgeo Essentials, a luxury organic skincare and haircare brand. The Mumbai-based agency's result oriented team will be handling brand enhancement and Influencer engagement for the brand.

Glad U Came is known for combining its expertise in media relations and significant knowledge of the industry. The agency’s key responsibilities will include strategic counselling and planning, integrated communication programme that includes strategic media and influencer engagements, and building an influential community for the brand.

Indulgeo Essentials is a homegrown, luxury organic skincare and haircare brand, where 'luxury' means an unwavering dedication to using the highest quality ingredients collected from all over India and painstakingly experimenting with products until the perfect blend is created and by the word 'organic' they feel a sense of responsibility towards society to provide them the products which are 100% botanical. The brand has taken skincare one step further by combining the most natural ingredients with techniques used and trusted for many years now.

Commenting on this collaboration, Supriya Malik, Founder of Indulgeo Essentials, said, "The goal of Indulgeo Essentials is to provide effective solutions for concerns like alopecia, acne, hairfall, pigmentation and many more skin and hair related hassles with the purest and natural ingredients. In this journey of spreading awareness and providing efficacious solutions, we have held the hand of Glad U Came to convey our ideas to the world and we are sure that this collaboration will give better results than expected."

Sharing his thoughts on this collaboration, Maddie Amrutkar, Founder of Glad U Came said, "As we are India's fastest growing PR Agency, our mission is to provide the best of the best to the brand and spread its ideology with our sheer communication strategies. Collaborating with an authentic brand like Indulgeo Essentials will be proved as one of the most fruitful events for both of the organizations. "

Glad U Came Website

Indulgeo Essentials Website

About Glad U Came

Glad U Came is a leading and fastest-growing PR and Influencer Marketing agency. The young and budding communication specialist boutique offers PR and Celebrity Management Solutions, Influencers Marketing to Luxury, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Glad U Came firmly believes in innovation that works best for building brand relations. The agency aims to build a long lasting relationship with brands and celebrities and bring them a memorable experience.

About Indulgeo Essentials

Indulgeo Essentials was founded by Supriya Malik under the able guidance of her mother Seema Arora in 2016. The goal was to provide effective solutions for concerns like alopecia, acne, hairfall, pigmentation etc with the purest and natural ingredients.

They firmly believe that what you cannot eat, should not go on your skin. It is imperative to know that 60% of whatever you put on to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream & may lead to health or hormonal problems. Nature has all the cures & remedies for all your skincare concerns, and they yearn to bring the best & finest nature’s remedies to your doorstep.

All their concoctions are handmade with no chemicals or complex machinery involved. Their special ingredient is love & we put lots of it to provide you with products that pamper your skin & hair with the magic of love.

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