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Is public relations only press releases?

Many are under the impression that public relations means only drafting press releases. Well, that's not the case and there is a lot more to it than just press releases. Public relation is an entire comprehensive system of communication constructed to build reciprocally favourable relationships. It is all about administering an organization’s public image and building exceptional relations with other firms and the public.

Public relations also include different angles of marketing, advertising and communications. The main job of a public relations professional is to use several tools and garner positive reviews about the organisation while building effective relations with others.

There are various roles of public relations such as:

  • Managing Communications:

An elementary responsibility of public relations is managing communications with target audiences and other firms. Sending tailored messages, communicating ideas consistent with the ideology of the firm and getting others to accept is an essential part of their role.

  • Managing Relationships:

This encompasses distinguishing the target audience and founding key strategies which will help build mutually beneficial relations and attract more customers, stakeholders and other organisations to have business with you.

  • Issue management:

Acknowledging problems, issues and trending topics coinciding with the ideology of the organisation and later, developing and implementing programmes is called issue management. It also includes understanding the legal side of public matters and this too is a public relations function.

  • Advancing reputation

Proving that your organisation aims to do good for society, needs a lot of planning and strategizing. For one to decide whether to invest in your company or not, the media has to satisfactorily talk about you. Investors analyze reports and carefully understand the company's reputation before fixing any deal. Department of public relations works to maintain a clean impressive image and show commitment towards responsibilities.

  • Risk control

Your organization can face unexpected risks. No need to worry, the public relations department is always on its toes to avoid and take care of tactical dangers. Having an advanced PR department that is well versed with the business will help solve obstacles. The team can help you stay strong in business and keep up your reputation by avoiding or resolving issues.

  • Analysing and advancing

When your company goes through a bad patch, be it because of cut-rate performance or merchandise failure, the Pr team suggests solutions and advises the management.

  • Organising events:

Your Pr team will perform one more function of organising events for your organisation, be it charity, promotions, contests or any other kind.

Principally, the department of Public Relations focuses on crafting communication and development strategies depending on the latest technologies and strategies. Maintaining beneficial relations with customers, stakeholders and other organisations is the fundamental function but the PR team performs many others too, so do remember that public relations are not only press releases.

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