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Influencer Marketing Is The Next Big Thing Amidst COVID 19 And Here’s Why!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

What is the first thing you do when you want to buy something new? You look for product reviews or feedback. This could influence your decision of buying a particular product or service. Now Influencer Marketing does a similar job and makes your life easier! We all spend ample of time on social media, brands have made use of it by creating consumer-relationship via Influencer Marketing.

Although Influencer Marketing is relatively a new concept, brands choose this unconventional route to advertise their product, especially during COVID 19. Many businesses have slowed down during the pandemic. Influencer Marketing proves to be a great option during this crisis for multiple brands and influencers.

Reasons why Influencer Marketing is a good approach for brands -:

1) Targets the right audience

Brands look out for influencer’s profiles that fit perfectly with the campaign. This way it is useful to reach out to their followers and create curiosity and brand awareness amongst them. Targeting the right consumers via Influencer Marketing works wonders, although it may start small but the reach grows eventually.

2) Builds consumer trust and loyalty

People are more likely to relate to Influencers as they tend to develop a deeper relationship with their audience. They constantly keep them updated on their daily life and give them a glimpse of their lifestyle. Consumers feel more connected to them and the brands they endorse. This makes consumers trust their choices and opinions. Thus creates a consumer loyalty base for influencers and the brand.

3) Creates longer, unique and engaging content

Longer ads tend to give in depth information and this is possible only on social media! Influencers and brands sit together and come up with content ideas that engage audience. After all, Influencers are genius in creating fun and engaging content. This content grabs all your attention and is beneficial for the brand.

4) Micro influencers develops larger reach

Today anybody can be an influencer and reach out to multiple potential consumers. Micro influencers (below 25,000 followers) are likely to have a more engaged and loyal following than those with larger audiences. This could be because macro influencers are posting more and more sponsored content which doesn’t always resonate with their audience. Audiences could lose trust in their recommendations and on the other hand become more loyal to Micro influencers.

5) It is a powerful SEO tool

Influencer Marketing helps in brand visibility and generating backlinks for your brands. Some Influencers, who have their own website or blog page create content about your brand. This hyperlink acts as a good way for potential consumers to reach out to the brands website. Influencer Marketing helps your search engine ranking according to the social media revolution.

6) Makes your brand stand out

Today almost all brands use Influencer Marketing. But some brands come up with impactful campaigns or creates a sort of a challenge/ task for its audience. These keeps the audience excited and engaged on social media. E.g. The P&G campaign done by Whisper, where thousands of influencers shared their story with menstruation got a lot of positive responses. This made the brand look positive and was a big success.

The Influencer Marketing industry was worth well over $8 billion, a number which is only expected to rise in 2021. It is an exciting field that offers fresh opportunities for savvy marketers to innovate and drive forward business growth.

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