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How To Write A Compelling Pitch That journalists Can’t Ignore

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Pitch Note

Preparing a pitch note does not come overnight. It is through sheer experience, knowledge, and voracious reading that one will be able to master the same as one grows in the PR profession. One of the major roles of PR consultants today is to help and advise their clients on what kind of strategy they can and will work when they plan a story and hence, it is equally important for the client also to share a sharply focussed brief to achieve the desired results. To get an in-depth perspective on what goes into a well thought out pitch note to the journalist one must study the basics and understand how things work from the journalists view point.

Today people look for stories that are out of the box. First things first, start of my doing thorough research on the publication target readership and the journalist. One should remember is to find out if the journalist is interested in a story, not in a brand or product. And make sure that you have a truly genuine story that sells. The second most important thing to remember is that the journalist is talking to a specific audience – business, consumer, citizen, trade, etc., so ask yourself if the story is relevant to that journalist’s audience.

The pitch should be crisp, factual, relevant, and topical to make it compelling for a journalist. The content must be newsworthy and impactful for the readers of any given publication. A lot of hard work and creativity goes into getting your client’s story published. But if a pitch that doesn’t catch the eye of the journalist never see the light of the day. As a PR professional one must be aware of and understand the loopholes and mostly think from the journalist’s point of view.

Here are some key pointers for a good pitch:

  1. Define your objective, target audience, and your key message

  2. Study and understand the category well. One needs to do a lot of research and homework here

  3. A deep dive into research will help you to cull out great insights

  4. Have a focussed approach and get your points clearly across to the journalist

  5. Substantiate your pitch with sufficient support points to make your story very credible.

  6. Brainstorming with your team members will help you draw fresh ideas.

  7. Make your pitch note very tight and crisp so that the essence is captured easily for the journalist to comprehend

  8. The storytelling approach will also help you to make your case stronger

  9. Look innovatively and think out of the box to grab the attention of the journalist

  10. Lastly, build a strong relationship with them. It can strengthen your case with the journalist

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