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How Brands Are Leveraging From Influencer Marketing This Holiday Season

Influencer marketing has boomed as social media has become a more integrated part of our lives. People are turning to their favourite Instagram stars, Twitter personalities, and YouTubers for purchasing advice and recommendations. To get the most out of any influencer, brands develop an influencer-oriented marketing strategy. The highest festive onboarding is in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, with influencers evolving and producing quality content with full set and design production. It's not just a camera and a ring light anymore; it's engaging personalized content with voiceovers, underrated music, aesthetic settings, and a lot of light play - as good as a short film!

Creative Campaigns of 2022

Renee: #Rennede

A witty and engaging campaign where Renee tapped on celebrity couples that share fun banters through reels. With a creative strategy, they were able to push Perfumes as a part of the whole plan. The brand was able to keep viewers engaged throughout by strategically using some of the country's favourite couples like Genelia - Riteish Deshmukh and Bharti Singh - Harsh Limbachiya. It's witty and punny throughout, with a fresh narrative. Renee is portrayed in the campaign as the ideal gift for a loved one, while the brand is portrayed in a lighthearted manner.

Faasos: #Patakawraps

Food is an essential component of celebrations, and the brand did an excellent job of positioning itself as the "most" festive option this season. The pataka-inspired names evoke nostalgia while adding a creative twist to the festivities. From influencer videos to engaging tweets, the brand excels at keeping content relevant and entertaining throughout. The whole idea is very interesting and unique with a great message of eating pataka instead of burning one.

According to influencer marketing platforms, brand spending on influencers has increased by at least 25-30% in the last year. The festival season offers brands a great chance to interact with potential customers and test out various marketing strategies because it encourages creativity and focuses on creating a personal connection.

Making the most of the available online platforms is critical for brands, given that consumers are constantly glued to their screens and are easily accessible. Through influencer marketing, they can increase customer interest in their products by personalizing content and humanising the brand.

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