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How To Make The Most of Influencer Marketing in 2022

Before we delve into this fascinating topic let’s check something quickly, shall we? Why don’t you, my dear reader, go ahead and open up your screen time on your phone and ponder upon the number displayed oh so innocently? Statistics say that a person between the age of 12-29 spends an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes a day, approximately 14 hours on Social media in a week. That’s two entire nights’ worth of sleep to put things into perspective! We know the addiction and thus, aren’t really startled by the above fact at all. Whether it’s funny memes or reels made on group trips to Goa, uploading stories of aesthetic skies or creating boomerangs of the silliest faces one can make, beauty tutorials and fashion blogging, poetries and quotes and travel vlogs, posts with the trendiest of fits and dance moves, all made by the infamous titular ‘Influencers’ of our generation.

Social media influencers kick off a product with creative, eye-catching trends that take the virtual world by storm. As a brand, staying relevant in this fast-paced world is challenging. Influencers with their constant stream of creating relevant and relatable content and engaging with their audience. They make people feel more connected and achieve a market base easily as compared to a brand.

Let us help you to keep up with the trends in the market and help you make the most of Influencer Marketing in 2022

  • An array of Influencers

Social media influencers exist in four categories, i.e nano, micro, mega and celebs. Thus, one can choose what type of influencer is best suited to their brand or company. You might wonder why a brand would choose a nano and micro-influencer over a celebrity. The first reason is the budget. A brand would employ the services of a particular kind of influencer based on their budget. It is obvious that an influencer with a smaller following would charge on the lower side compared to a mega or celebrity influencer. Contrary to this situation, Nano and micro-influencers have mastered the skill and ability to not only capture the audience’s attention but also gain their unfailing loyalty. Audience engagement in small-scale influencers is proven to be higher and thus more effective. A perfect example of such a micro-influencer would be geekyakaash, a video creator and vlogger who specializes in travel blogging and fitness. With a respectable follower count of 13.5 k, he often has endorsements like MyProtein discount codes on his name.

  • Niche Collaboration

Influencers have a targeted audience. Niche brands, in the long run, evolve into luxury brands. It is important to focus on targeting a certain group of people. Social media influencers tend to cater to a certain demographic of consumers and thus help brands achieve their targets effectively and efficiently. Kritika Khurana, lovingly also known as thatbohogirl on Instagram; her affinity with fashion and travel leads to her gaining referral codes and collaborations with well-known brands. Her most recent endeavor with Daniel Wellington is surely commendable.

  • Podcasts to the rescue

More and more people swear by the act of completing their monotonous menial tasks and chores with their favourite podcast playing in the background. This is certainly advantageous in many ways. One does not only save time but also increases productivity by getting those dreaded chores done in record time. Podcasts tend to make people feel more connected. It emulates the feeling of chatting with a friend over call. Making content personalised is how a brand carries out a successful marketing strategy. The well-loved Ranveer Allahbadia is a perfect example of an influencer breaking into this niche with a quality podcast called surprise surprise, ‘ The Ranveer Show’.

  • Live shopping

Instead of grabbing snacks to watch their favorite celebrities live, consumers are enticed into grabbing their credit cards to observe, participate and enjoy live shopping. As a brand, staying relevant in this fast-paced world is challenging. Such advancements and new updates bring about freshness in this overly saturated environment. Influencers with their constant stream of creating relevant and relatable content achieve this with ease.

  • Videos

Whether it is youtube videos, vlogs, IGTV, reels, or shorts, people go absolutely bonkers for these. Videos can be monetized to the benefit of the brand and aid in achieving a wider reach. An influencer that rose to fame due to her very informative videos on how to use makeup the correct way is now a booming star known to especially focus on the quality and content of her videos, thus retaining a highly loyal fan base. Roshni Bhati, Thechiquefactor, is surely a name not to be forgotten.

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