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Happy Women's Day 2023: GUC Celebrates Womanhood

Today, on International Women's Day, we recognize the remarkable accomplishments of women and their influence on society. Women have broken barriers, challenged norms, and made significant contributions in every field, from leadership to entrepreneurship, celebrity to homemaking.

However, it is crucial to remember the unsung heroes who inspire us in our everyday lives. These are the women who have shaped and supported us, encouraging us to be our best selves. On this special day, we at GUC wish to pay tribute to these women,who inspire us with their actions and character in our daily lives and their invaluable contributions.


Bhoomi's inspiration comes from her mother, a woman who exemplifies multitasking and managing the responsibilities of two families with different cultures. Her mother's ability to work outside the home and instill good values in her children is a source of inspiration for Bhoomi. Her mother's example taught her the value of hard work and the importance of balancing multiple responsibilities.

To continue celebrating and honouring the achievements of women beyond International Women's Day, Bhoomi believes in reducing gender differences in our daily lives. By eliminating small differences and treating everyone with equal respect and dignity, we can create a more inclusive society and show appreciation for the efforts and accomplishments of women. With these efforts, Bhoomi believes that we can create a world where women are respected and honored for their contributions


When Taara was asked about the woman who inspires her the most on a daily basis, she responded by saying that all women in the universe inspire her. She believes that every woman is a beautiful creation of nature and possesses unique qualities that make them inspiring. However, she mentioned that Geeta Tandon is a woman who frequently motivates her with her actions and deeds. Geeta is a stuntwoman in the film industry who works with enthusiasm and dedication, and watching her inspires Taara to never give up. Taara witnessed Geeta creating her own destiny, standing up for herself with two toddlers in tow, without having any formal education.

Taara believes that every action a woman takes, no matter how small, is a tremendous victory. She recognizes that women deal with the discomfort of their periods every month of their lives but still manage to perform their daily tasks. Taara suggests that we can celebrate and honour the achievements of women beyond International Women's Day by acknowledging their contributions every day and recognizing their efforts in overcoming challenges and breaking barriers.


Eshita states that every woman she knows has inspired her in some way, but her sister Harshita Khandelwal is the one who inspires her the most. Eshita went on to explain that her sister has been her best friend when she needed emotional support and a mentor in her professional life. Her commitment to her work and her ability to protect Eshita from harm have made her a real-life 'bodyguard'. Eshita gave an example of how her sister inspired her to never give up on her dreams. Harshita worked multiple jobs while earning her master's degree, supported herself while living abroad, and maintained high academic standards. Today, she is employed by some of the best companies in India.

Eshita also emphasized the importance of appreciating the women around us in small ways and not taking them for granted. She believes that even though being a homemaker is a full-time job, their effort is often overlooked, so we should cherish and celebrate them every day.


Sehjal shares that her twin sister is the one who motivates her the most because of her strong work ethic and achievements. Sehjal admires women who have a clear vision for their future, work hard to achieve their goals, and possess genuine enthusiasm for what they do.

When asked for a specific example of her sister's inspiration, Sehjal recalls a time when her sister worked tirelessly despite stress and criticism from her boss. Her sister's dedication and hard work paid off, and she was ultimately appreciated for her efforts.

To continue celebrating and honouring women's achievements beyond International Women's Day, Sehjal suggests recognizing and appreciating their contributions on a daily basis, advocating for gender equality, empowering women in leadership positions, and amplifying their voices and stories.


Dhriti speaks highly of her mother, who is a role model to her. Her mother is a multitasker who dedicates herself to every task with utmost commitment, inspiring Dhriti to emulate her. Her mother possesses qualities such as selflessness, empathy, passion for her work, and courage. She excels at bringing the family together and managing both her personal and professional life with a smile on her face. Dhriti finds her mother's ability to handle work deadlines and ensure her family's comfort and support remarkable. Although she cannot single out one particular memory, she cherishes her mother's numerous accomplishments. Dhriti believes that small tokens of appreciation can go a long way in recognizing the battles that every woman faces in life. She encourages people to show kindness and gratitude to women every day, as every little thing counts.

As we celebrate Women's Day, let us remember the countless women who have inspired us and shaped our lives. From mothers to sisters, friends to mentors, and even women we admire from afar, every woman's contribution is valuable and deserves recognition. It is essential to appreciate the efforts and accomplishments of all women, whether they are homemakers or working professionals. By treating everyone with equal respect and dignity, we can reduce gender differences and create a more inclusive society. Let us continue to be inspired by the remarkable achievements of women and work towards a more equitable and just world for all.

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