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Budget Friendly Workation trip with the Hosteller

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Sometimes it becomes difficult, almost impossible, to juggle a work-life balance. Work hours seem to be incremented with the day, and months seem to be just passing by in a tireless routine of work. When there is little to relax and no outlet for detox, employment and productivity can be directly impacted. Sundays are barred from being a relaxing factor because let's face it, the look of a cozy Sunday has also become a rare occurrence. Sundays are spent tidying up the house and attending to the chores that have been thoroughly ignored throughout the week.

When the solution cannot be a month-long vacation (downright not feasible), a workation is the next best thing you can add to your instant to-dos!

A workation is a perfect means to balance out work and also catch a break once in a while. One can take a short trip to one destination or prolong the journey by backpacking to nearby sites and exploring further! The pandemic has significantly impacted everyone's life, more specifically one's work life. The lockdown compelled us to stay indoors and work remotely, which made it hard for working individuals to adapt. Now that we are phasing back to normalcy, there are some major takeaways that can be implemented in our life.

The Hosteller has a network of backpacker hostels spread out across India at 28+ locations like Mussoorie, Kasol, Goa, Manali, and Mcleodganj.

For mountain lovers and terrain explorers, the hostels in Manali, Shimla, Mcleodganj, and Mussoorie are a complete treat for the body, mind, and soul. Nesting beneath the mountains, in clean air, will help you loosen out and unravel your explorer! Get on the go to discover the rich heritage of India through the abundant Rajasthani culture, with the Hosteller in Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. And for the beach lovers, the hostel in Goa is the perfect stay to rejuvenate and bask in the sunset!

The Hosteller offers budget-friendly packages for travellers on the go or workations at remote locations to relax and detox. They create a community where travellers get to experience the wholeness and authenticity of the stay, grab a cup of coffee with other travellers, and enjoy the night sky of stars or a bonfire on a freezing night.

A workation will allow the balance between work and travel, where you are able to work at your stipulated hours and then align your exploration accordingly. A busy schedule and hustle-bustle seem never-ending, but that's no excuse to postpone a getaway from your city! The Hosteller enables its travellers to enjoy a flexible stay.

They are known to be the pocket-friendly, vibrant backpacker hostel that builds a community for their travellers. Their goal is to implore more people to travel with spontaneity, which is why their packages ensure all amenities like safe, clean rooms, cafes, laundry services, high-speed wi-fi and even female-exclusive dorms.

A stay at The Hosteller will entail at least one adventurous activity: mountain treks, bungee jumping, river rafting, food walks, photography walks, city pub crawls, game nights, movie nights, and star-gazing bonfires, and overnight camping trips. All you need is one insight, an instant impulse and a strong will to make your workation come true!

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