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7 Gifts Your Secret Santa Giftee Will Surely Appreciate

Christmas gifts can be a task. We all spend hours scouring online for that one perfect gift only to end up buying another perfume for our friends. We mean, who hasn't found themselves frantically rummaging through bins at the drugstore next to their office 45 minutes before the gift exchange, looking for something that doesn't feel like an afterthought? When you consider the Secret Santa price cap, you're probably just going to buy a boring body wash set to get it over with. While you're at the checkout line with your lame gift, your secret Santa is most likely winning the White Elephant game, because they've taken the time to find a present you'd actually like. Here, we are with some gift suggestions which will surely make your Santa babies go, wow.

What would be better than literally everything for your Secret Santa? This complete set is infused with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E which will be perfect for a night of partying. It has an easy application and great coverage, so your Secret Santa won’t have to worry about it for the whole night. The colors are extremely attractive and your friend can take it with them anywhere!

As a fellow coffee addict, we approve. It is the perfect gift for your friend who needs their fix of coffee every minute. Gone are those days where you had to constantly reheat your coffee. I am sure your caffeine junkie friend will appreciate it!

Treat your friend to a relaxing evening of a bubble bath with a great book accompanied by a nice, aromatic candle. It is a cruelty free and 100% vegan candle made by hand by an inhouse team of artisans. It has the Christmas charm with its intense aroma of rosemary, sage, and dried wood conjuring a cozy image of flannel pajamas, a burning fireplace, and a piping glass of aromatic mulled wine.

Your friend will thank you for this amazing self-care kit which is infused with strawberry extracts and essential oils. This is the ultimate kit with a bath and shower gel, hand and body lotion, a strawberry body polish, sugar body scrub and a plush loofah. Self-care days have never been this fun!

For your thoughtful friend, who likes writing all their thoughts downs, this beautiful leather diary is the ideal gift. It will work perfectly as a travel journal or a diary or a sketchbook. It is coated with special oils and feels great to handle. Its unique antique style makes it look very pretty. We are sure your friend would appreciate it!

Skin care can be a hassle. You can make your friend’s life easier by gifting them this skin care kit. It has a Cleansing Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash, Pore Tightening Face Mist and Toner, Day Cream which comes in a Jute Kit Bag. It is suitable for all skin types, also making it ideal for sensitive skin.

What’s better than a set of dainty and delicate jewelry which your friend can wear anytime and anywhere without any hassle. These set of bracelets are perfect for any occasion be it a party or a small lunch date. These minimalistic bracelets will surely add a lot of your friend’s wardrobe. They are also adjustable so anyone can wear them.

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