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The Brief

Glad U Came, an award-winning PR and Influencer Marketing agency in India, introduced period leaves in June 2022, becoming the first PR agency in the country to do so. The decision was driven by the recognition of the importance of menstrual health, the desire to create an inclusive work culture, and the aim to set an example for the industry.

The plan

The agency formulated a plan to introduce period leaves as a part of its HR policy. This involved conducting research on best practices, consulting with employees, and aligning the policy with relevant laws and regulations. The policy included provisions for 6 paid leaves in a year with the hybrid work arrangements, and access to menstrual health resources.


The policy was implemented in June 2022, with female employees being granted the option to take period leaves or flexible working arrangements. The agency also created awareness through various press coverages to encourage others to follow the pursuit. Regular monitoring and feedback mechanisms were put in place to ensure the successful execution of the policy.

The result

The introduction of period leaves had a significant impact. Female employees felt supported and valued, leading to increased employee morale and satisfaction. Absenteeism due to menstrual health issues reduced, and the agency received positive media coverage for its progressive approach.

Media Coverage

Digital Amplification

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