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The Brief

A prominent beauty and self-care brand The Beauty Co. has initiated an anti-cyberbullying campaign for females called #TheItGirl. This remarkable campaign launch is in collaboration with PR and Influencer Marketing firm Glad U Came. They firmly believe that recognition of Cyber Bullying is crucial otherwise the sufferings of thousands of silent victims will continue. 

The issue

Cyberbullying can take place on different social media platforms that includes Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, considering them to be the most common places where Online Harassment takes place. Girls usually face unpleasant remarks on comments section of the post, receive hate messages and even Direct Messages on Instagram which leads to break them down. With advanced usage of the social media,


Online Harassment among young people has recently come to the forefront. The numbers of girls targeted to online hate on digital platforms grow daily, which has a negative impact on their lives. It is hence very crucial to increase the outreach about this issue, both in terms of taking measures against the bullies and to make more people aware about it.


Glad U Came in association with The Beauty Co. intends to create a non-judgemental online space for young adults to be vocal about their negative social media experiences and openly address and find solutions for the same. It also aims at making more people aware and breaks the stigma around it. The campaign also focuses to unravel the portrayal of unrealistic ‘ideal’ beauty standards on social media platforms that creates a sense of self-doubt and lack of confidence in many females across the globe. 

The Message


Maddie Amrutkar

Glad U Came

“Working with influencers allows you to create effective campaigns that increase your brand value and spread the message. The objective of the campaign was to create a sense of awareness about beauty cyberbullying and its impact.”


Suraj Vazirani


The Beauty Co.

"Stereotypes affect the way we look at ourselves. We are constantly reminded that our gender, colour, size and sexuality interest defines us. Beauty brands play an important role in creating these stereotypes. As a beauty brand, we want to take a stand against these stereotypes."


The campaign happened to attract a number of macro-influencers on Instagram across different genres like fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty and health. #TheItGirl also received appreciation and coverage on various online media portals namely B News One, ET Brand Equity, AD Gully, Share Caster, Bill Adderley, Passionate In Marketing, Fashion Network, Indian Television, Exchange 4 Media & License India.

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