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Social Welfare | Influencer Driven Strategy

The Brief

Glad U Came collaborated with Carmesi for a menstrual hygiene awareness campaign. #TeachThemYoung campaign was to educate both young girls and boys about menstruation, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society. By providing comprehensive education to young girls, we empower them with knowledge, promoting self-care, hygiene practices, and a positive understanding of their bodies. Our campaign aimed to challenge social stereotypes and promote gender equality through the power of social media.

The plan

#TeachThemYoung involved collaborations with diverse content creators, influencers, and celebrities like Kishwer Merchant, Ridhi Dogra, Hansika Motwani, and Kashika Kapoor. We created informative videos, engaging infographics, relatable stories, and interactive Q&A sessions that helped destigmatize menstruation, while joint activities like public campaigns, workshops, and panel discussions raised awareness. The campaign covered a wide range of important topics including menstrual product options, proper hygiene practices, understanding menstrual cycles, managing discomfort, and promoting emotional well-being.

The result

We worked with 30 influencers, resulting in a nationwide social media presence and a reach of 639,473. Hampers containing menstrual hygiene products were sent to influencers, who helped reach the target audience of socially responsible parents, particularly mothers. The influencers delivered 8 carousel posts, 10 Instagram Reels, and engaging Instagram stories, while media coverages totaled 13. The campaign successfully spread the message and garnered significant attention to address the long-standing ignorance surrounding menstruation.

Influencer Outreach


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