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Brand Awareness | Celebrity Driven Strategy

The Brief

Built on eco-biology, Bioderma is a brand that aims to usher in an authentic skincare foundation in India. Their innovations and participation in dermatological breakthroughs to improve skin health have made Bioderma pioneering experts in dermatological care.


When the brand approached us, its primary expectation was to raise brand awareness & growth. They also sought to promote the efficacy and sensorial experience of the brand. So we accepted the challenge and took Bioderma on board.

The plan

We devised a long-term strategic plan and advanced the brand’s narrative through celebrity engagement. 


Every brand knows nothing beats a celebrity endorsement for increasing awareness, so raiding the pandora’s box was a no-brainer, right?


The products were sent to relevant celebrities regularly. The goal was to secure social media recognition in support of the brand, soliciting global promotion and brand advocacy. 


Two campaigns were executed. 


The 1st Campaign spanned for 45 days. The target was to get 100 stories from the celebrities. Target was achieved, and an overwhelming 107 stories were put out.


The 2nd Campaign also spanned for 45 days. The target was to get 50 stories from celebrities. Target was achieved, and a total of 54 stories were put out.

The result

Glad U Came created brand awareness, loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations amongst the audience. We worked closely with Bioderma to amplify their presence through celebrity gifting and managed to give the brand its fair attention of recognition.

Celebrity Engagement


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