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Building a presence | Strategic Press Outreach

The Brief

RAS Luxury Oils was founded in 2016 to produce 'Farm to Bottle' luxury skincare and well-ness venture in India. When the brand approached us in 2017, they had very less idea about how PR works; their only expectation was to create brand awareness. They also wanted to highlight the unique concept of India's 'farm to face' venture. So we accepted the challenge and took the brand on board.

The plan

We came up with a long-term strategic plan and figured out the creative areas from which we could gain the demand and loyalty to the brand. We knew we had to look at new ways to raise RAS’s profile and increase the exposure of the brand’s product range. The press and various beauty writers primarily covered them!

Press coverage

With thousands of brands competing for the same press space, we knew we needed to be clever and ahead in the race. Over the first few months, we strategically gifted a small number of editors.

We send our products to relevant celebrities regularly. The brand regularly brings out new products, which means the celebs get to try new products every time.

celebrity engagement

profiling opportunity

Regular profiling opportunities and press outreach quickly resulted in a constant flow of media coverage and a loyal editor following. It didn’t take long until the brand was featured in nearly all mainstream print and digital publications.

brand collaborations

Collaborating with Dhoom Dhaam Weddings on a barter deal was huge. The responses were overwhelming, and the breakthrough moment came when Karan Johar & Neetu Kapoor [Ranbir Kapoor’s Mom] personally liked it and called for more products – this was the most significant achievement for the brand.

Celebrity Gifting


The result

We created loyalty among the press, celebrities and influencers. We worked with RAS luxury oils to develop the best possible way to get the influencer engaged with the product.

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