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Work From Home Or Work From Office?

The pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us. No one expected the world to turn upside down in a matter of weeks. We are now in the new normal, where colleges are online and workplaces are virtual. Most of us wear pajamas and attend important work meetings. We see our coworkers on small screens and talk to them through text messages.

The question on everyone’s mind is - What is better - Work from home or Work from office? This is the first time anyone has experienced virtual workspaces and it has been a difficult transition for people. Now, two years into online workspaces, most people have acclimated to using Zoom screens and communicating via messaging apps.

A lot of people are glad that they can finally be home, in the company of their families while working. It is a familiar atmosphere and there is a sense of comfort attached to working from home. You can work in pajamas and munch on snacks. A lot of people also saved money because they didn’t have to spend on rent. People from smaller cities could enrich their work experience while staying at home. It also saves travel time, especially in cities like Mumbai. Companies are also saving up on rent and are preferring the online medium.

It is undeniable that Working from Office has a higher potential for growth and productivity. The office decorum and being surrounded by your colleagues makes work fast and fun. Without the added delay of technology and the disruption in communication, work is more efficient. Brainstorming, finding solutions and ideation are easier in an office setting with your colleagues.

When asked, a lot of Glad U Came employees said that they would prefer a hybrid environment with 2 or 3 days in office. That way, people can save on travel time while also being able to brainstorm. Interns and employees will have more productive experiences and potential for growth while also having the comfort of living in your house.

Glad U Came started a hybrid working schedule where every Wednesday employees would come to the office. This allowed for colleagues to interact in an office space without screens. It made working fun and allowed for friendships to flourish. We continued most of our work online. Especially with increasing cases, taking precaution is important. Having the facility of choice has been great for our working culture. The flexibility of working hours and location makes the working environment productive.

So, what do you prefer - Working from home or Working from Office?

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