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The press release has grown with the increase in social media, data-driven storytelling, and the 24/7 news cycle while remaining a relevant part of the marketing strategy.

In the last decade, how people interact around the world has changed dramatically. An environment of 24/7 news consumption has been generated by social media, blogging, influencers, and TV. So writing off the press release as an archaic marketing tactic would be simple, but that would be a mistake.

The press release, like all in existence, has grown within the marketing and public relations online world. 65% of journalists believe viewer indicators have changed the way they judge stories, according to Cision’s 2019 Global State of the Media survey. Journalists continue to Search for content unique to their audience with PR experts, and this partnership has only become more relevant.

Consumers have, in addition to journalists, direct access to press releases through online distributors. Focusing on distributing a well-written press release that clearly promotes something significant and specific is the key to standing out to both journalists and consumers.

These 5 reasons are proof that Press release is very much alive and helpful to every marketing campaign.

Establish a media relationship

Journalists have fewer resources than ever before, and a valued resource is their collaboration with PR professionals. 71% of journalists look at press releases and news announcements as their main source when searching for content from brands.

A well-written, appropriate press release indicates that you have done your homework and are proactive. There is no time for media professionals to sift through hundreds of meaningless pitches and press releases which have little to do with their niche. And, yes, it’s different from a pitch and a press release.

To pique a journalist’s curiosity, think of a pitch as a teaser. To catch their attention, provide just enough detail about what’s going on with your brand. For new announcements or to launch an employee as a media expert to be used for quotations, pitches work well. Keep it short and send it via email, preferably in a bullet list.

A press release is, on the other hand, a truthful account of something newsworthy. The full story needs to be given in your press release, including who, what, where, where, and why. If you want to get the attention of journalists, always remember to mention why your news matters. For staff updates, new openings, and product launches, press releases operate well. Writing a clear, concise press release goes a long way and will help you establish a trusted relationship with journalists.

Remember, timely, appropriate pitches are important for the media. Before the news occurs, they need details, not after or during, so make sure you have information ready for a fast turn-around. Over time journalists will be reaching out to you for a story idea or expert quote.

Credibility in Business

As a trusted source of data and information, the media and consumers view press releases. The 2019 Edelman Confidence Barometer Special Report: In an eight-country survey, Brand’s We Trust, the majority of customers across multiple demographics say that brand trust is important for purchasing.

Distributing reliable press releases reliably enables you to establish a reputation with journalists as well as current and future clients over time. It is particularly beneficial for start-ups and growing small businesses to speak about themselves in a positive way.

You manage your brand’s expression, message, and perception with an in-house writer. The press release can be used to alleviate an internal crisis or negative external press, in addition to publicising valuable company information. You will explain internal dispute to reestablish a positive brand image and public perception by presenting credible facts without spin.

Create traffic for SEO

Using SEO best practices for search algorithms, a well-written press release enables search engines to find, fit, index, and rate your press release. Getting a high-ranking press release on Google and other search engines with 63,000 searches per second give increased visibility to current and potential customers.

Search algorithms are searching for well-written content that integrates keywords and links naturally, so make sure you concentrate in your press releases on using natural language and having high-quality links. Proper use of keywords, quality relations, and reliable distribution helps you to create authority in an industry.

Google and other search engines seek content from authoritative sources and rate it. So, post a range of material, including press releases, often to build the expertise of your brand.

Engagement of Customers

Once it hits journalists, users now have direct access to the online press release through online news distributors and the increase of social media.

To connect with clients, most businesses use the same tried and tested networking sites and brand networks. Distributing a well-crafted press release offers the ability to rank high in the quest, draw current and prospective customers interest, and contributes to direct media channel interaction and sharing. You have the chance to hit an untapped crowd that you might never have considered before.

While you're at it, support your press release directly with multimedia on your social media platforms. Customers and the media are more likely to share multimedia than text-only through social networks.

Video tweets get 10x more interaction, which includes likes, retweets, and comments, according to Hootsuite. So, make sure that multimedia, such as images, videos, and infographics, are included that add value to your press release and improve user and media interaction.

Develop a Portfolio of content

Content is king, and to remain linked, you need to constantly produce important, timely content that journalists and consumers engage with. The more consistent you are with posting material, the more likely the search would rank higher for your brand.

There's no need to stand alone in a news release. Press releases are evidence-based and contain facts, so let every fact become a new piece of material. Expand its lifecycle by repurposing it into an eBook or whitepaper as a blog post, an infographic, a social post, or extending it.

A quick, cost-efficient way to generate new content is to repurpose a press release. For starters, it uses far less time to turn a press release into a blog post than to study and compose an entirely new piece. You are presenting the same knowledge, but you make it more available to new audiences by expressing it differently.

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