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Which dishes should you pair with which wine?

A setting sun by the seaside, accompanied by a glass of your favourite wine and good food, is a fantasy you can make come true! Goa is known for its party culture and delicacies. Pair them together, and you have what one calls a dream team!

Salud Kitchen and Lounge, set on Ozran Beach, Vagator, is a scenic spot overlooking the ocean, palm trees, and the ultimate location for a day of good dine and Wine. Salud is known for its groovy techno beats accompanied by an exclusively curated menu of food and beverages. They have a variety of delicious food options, including Goan delicacies, which are prepared with locally sourced seafood and other ingredients.

With the best of all at Salud, here's our take on the smashing combinations of food and wine to elevate the finest of your taste buds!

Seafood starters with some White Wine

The menu has an array of seafood starters, right from classic fish dishes of Beer Battered Fish with mango salsa and Pesto Fish Finger with Tatar Sauce. The chilli prawns, crunchy prawns, or the fish paired with White Wine is a perfect combination for brunch! The sweet and fresh notes of the white Wine are a delightful offset to the distinct flavours of seafood preparations.

A glass of Red Wine with Poultry

Red Wine drinkers know there's quite nothing like a glass of red with cheese or a lip-smacking meal! Pair your classic Red Wine with Salud's Herb Garlic and Chicken Pepper Sauce with a side of mash and veggies. Nothing like a balance of decadence, healthy meats, tasty sides, and a tinge of Red Wine to wash it all down!

Sparkling Wine with fish

Sparkling Wine has a distinct bubbly texture and serves aptly as a contrast to a buttery dish. Pair a nice glass of Sparkling Wine with the Cilantro Grill Fish With Lemon Butter Sauce to offset the creaminess of this flavourful dish. A chilled glass of Sparkling Wine is the best way to finish off a meal filled with an overload of savour and spice!

Salud is the quintessential corner to enjoy all the good things in life, let loose, and have a great time. The culture here implores you to relish the delicious flavours and groove to its beats while seeping in the beauty of the shoreline!

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