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What questions should you ask before hiring a PR agency?

Asking the right questions before hiring a PR agency is extremely important to understand the compatibility your company and your PR agency will have. If you hire a PR agency that is incompatible with your brand and does not understand your ideology and brand message, you will be stuck in a toxic rut and there will be no efficiency in your PR campaigns. During the pitch meeting posing questions that will make you understand there is chemistry between you and your PR agency.

The Timeline of the Plans

During the pitch meeting, the PR agency should have a good idea of the timeline of the execution of the PR plans. If the agency isn’t able to define a concrete timeline or seems like it is exaggerating, then you should be a little wary of the agency. Having a comprehensive campaign plan during the page meeting which gets you excited for your company is extremely important. Sometimes, first impressions last long.

Past Performance

Asking the PR agency for the track records and for testimony from their past clients can be very telling of the agency. To understand what niche they work in well and whether that fits in with your future goals. This will also make you understand how the agency deals with clients and which plans that they executed were successful and which were not. This will help you gauge compatibility through their past records and their specialisations.

Organisational Structures and Values

You should ask the PR agency about their organisational structure and organisational values to see if they are compatible with your company. Having an Agency with values incompatible with yours can create a rift and a lack of communication which will hamper the campaigns.

How do they approach the media?

One of the most important tasks of PR agencies is to get media publications to publish your brand for more exposure. Good PR Agencies will have a lot of contacts in media that deal with content surrounding your specialisation. Asking them about the publications and social media they have worked with before can be helpful in understanding how suitable the agency is.


Experience in your will also be helpful. Knowing what you want from the agency is important. Depending on what you expect from the agency, you could choose a small or mid size firm that could be suitable or a big agency with years of experience. There should be a good understanding of your budget and getting your money’s worth from your agency.

Keeping all of this in mind when selecting a PR agency will ensure that the PR Agency you choose will help your brand and your company grow. PR is an extremely important strategy that brands have been using to leverage their products. Having a PR Agency that is compatible with your short-term and long-term goals helps you increase your credibility in the market and your ability to reach customers.

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