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What makes 'Glad U Came' the Best PR & Influencer Marketing Agency in India?

If you ask most people what a PR agency does, they will look at you quizzically and tell you, ‘PR puts you on the radar and makes you seen’.

That’s exactly what we do, except a little more! We weave stories, narratives, and relations and create magic!

In 2015, Glad U Came, a Mumbai-based award-winning Public Relations and Influencer Marketing agency, came into existence, and we have been shaking things up since then!

Maddie Amrutkar laid down the agency’s foundation. Through its rich legacy, Glad U Came has been growing brands and organisations, opening new avenues of creativity, talent and capabilities.

The agency has developed dramatically over the years, becoming one of India's youngest and fastest-growing public relations organisations. But, what makes us the best?

  • A gang of creators and disruptors

What do a group of young, creative and dynamic individuals share in common? Our name. At Glad U Came, we take pride in being the pool of young talent and thinkers. We are a tight-knit team of planners, strategists, and creators and every day at Glad U Came is a riot of creativity, vision, and fun.

  • Entrepreneurial roots and experience!

Maddie, Founder at Glad U Came, is a determined entrepreneur, communications expert, and public relations specialist. Maddie worked with numerous PR agencies and handled prominent fashion and luxury companies after receiving a degree in mass media and beginning his career with a respected news channel. After a five-year stint in public relations, he laid the agency's roots in 2015.

Maddie’s vision, far-sightedness and resilience have shaped the culture at Glad U Came. Maddie's potential clients and inner circle dub him the "Magic Man" since he has the charisma to make the impossible happen! Maddie is a firm believer in the power of communication to influence consumer behaviour. He is well-known for driving the company's growth, enhancing operational excellence, and achieving financial success.

Maddie's life motto is to work enthusiastically on everything that might benefit a brand's present and future.

  • A Rich & Diverse Clientele

From inventive startups to global behemoths, we are the go-to agency for brands with a purpose. In today's unprecedented times, most brands are either unable to chart a clear route or are drowning in a sea of sameness. At Glad U Came, we provide them with a ‘Distinctive Edge’ through our goal-oriented solutions.

Our clientele, over the years, has thrived and we are a big fat family of shared learnings and treasured bonds. We deal with brands from genres such as Fashion, Home Decor, Tech, Education, Lifestyle, Beauty, Wellness, Jewellery etc.

We have been associated with many reputed names in the industry: Pilgrim, Revlon India, Biryani By Kilo, Lakme Fashion Week, LOTUS Fashion Week, Vero Moda, fbb, Kate Spade, Madame, Blenders Pride, The Beauty Co., Light Up, Swiss Beauty, CIEL, Juicy Chemistry, Pastels & Pop, Quikish, Ceriz, GreenSole, Adidas,, Gillette, Baskin Robbins, and oh! Are you tired and amazed already?

Click here to view our extensive clientele!

  • Did someone say best PR & Influencer Marketing?

Glad U Came has grown to become one of the top PR agencies in India. Through our meticulously designed PR campaigns, we bring brands their fair share of attention. Our team has unlocked the truest essence of Influencer Marketing, and we maintain outstanding relationships with influencers in various industries and make it a point to give you tailored solutions for your brand or product.

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