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This World Mental Health Day: Prioritize Yourself

Why is talking about mental health the need of the hour?

To answer that, let's just say that we've all gone completely bananas, working and grinding nonstop in an effort to live the most exciting life we could possibly imagine looking back on when we're all old and grey.

But, recently, we have not addressed how to deal with our coping mechanisms, despite the fact that there are various cures for physical illnesses but none for mental illnesses. It's high time that we start opening up and putting an end to taking it heavy to the grave. Let's loosen up our ties a bit, confront our inner demons, and let's face it, you want to really tackle those fears hard this time, never really backing down.

In the midst of taking care of your mental health on this Mental Health Day, we are trying to create a safe space for our team to share their experiences, providing a detailed insight into their inner life battles.

1. Tanvi Trivedi (Campaign Strategist / Client Servicing)

Who doesn't go through stuff when they're travelling around looking for their comfort zone and hate asking anyone for anything? She overcame many stereotypes and patriarchy by managing her own expenses, living independently, and relocating to Sapno Ki Nagri (The City that Never Sleeps, Aamchi Mumbai) from her natively small hometown of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Well, she came in for her studies and in no time, her borderline anxiety started kicking in from dabbling with household/personal battles to maintaining a balanced professional life with the will of an outbound opportunist whose energy one hard-working humble being would ideally reciprocate with. She is a go-getter for sure, but her advice for us all who are figuring it out is to "Keep climbing, as the best view comes after the hardest climb." Also, a thought process or a quote that would relate the most to the context is "Be Water My Friend" by the legendary veteran martial artist Bruce Lee. She follows a holistic approach to living her life on her own terms and with all her heart, like a true Bawse woman.

2. Sohani Sachdeva (Human Resource Executive)

Sharing her side of the story, She was having a difficult time juggling between work and college, hustling hard to meet constant expectations such as good grades, a suitable Master's or MBA degree, and so on. Also, sometimes it gets to you questioning yourself, generating a feeling of self-doubt: "Will I be able to take charge of my decisions? Being jampacked and sloshed with her daily routine leaves hardly any energy for the mind to function at the end of the day, which is indeed relatable in most of our scenarios of life.

She had one uplifting thought in her mind as she addressed further, "Kuch toh Kar Dikhaana Hai." It's the positive hustler's mindset she's carried with her, as being a Gen-Z. Kudos to her for being so humble, and we are proud to have her as a calm being with an optimistic approach toward life.

3. Pooja Mhapsekar (PR & Client Servicing)

She shares her side of the story wherein almost everyone reading this knows what the fatal side of the topic is, i.e. COVID-19. The lockdown had an adverse impact on almost everyone’s physical as well as mental health since people were barred from roaming around for unnecessary stuff. Only essential workers were allowed to commute inter-city and bureaucrats were allowed for so state-wise.

Her grandfather suffered from COVID-19 and was hardly listening to anyone in the family addressing him regarding his health. COVID patients were supposed to live in a separate room and carry a set of separate vessels with them at all times until they recovered completely. The pandemic trauma began to enter the picture in the midst of everything else going on on the premise. In her case, things really got fumed up when she literally started feeling left alone and the family pressure on her to have much higher expectations, be commitment-phobic in relationships, have trust issues, and possibly take a toll on her mind.

But one thing we should expect from her is to show up no matter what, fighting through her inner demons at present and possibly continuing towards her path of self-healing and possibly her inner peace.

One Quote for her that almost resonates with us all “You can’t drown your demons because they know how to swim

We conclude this #MentalHealthDay blog with this final story, which serves as a gentle reminder to use a Pomodoro technique, take breaks, and it is okay to not always have it figured out!!

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