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The PR Freak In Us Is Manifesting 5 Wishes To Come True In 2023

New technology is constantly posing challenges to the Marketing industry. PR is being forced to shift its focus due to the emergence of new social platforms and how we use them. There has been a great revolution in the PR industry in the past few years. So, if we get to manifest on our office sofa just like KJo’s manifestation couch, here are the five wishes we'd like to see come true in 2023:

Getting more clients onboard

Every agency’s goal is to get more clients and of course, GUC is also aiming for the same. In 2023, we are hoping for fewer client meltdowns, fewer last-minute changes, and more approvals. 2022 was a good year for us but this year we are pumped up to do even better.

More budget for marketing

Running a PR firm is not an easy task. There is a lot to take care of, from budgets to clients. Better funds enable PR firms to develop comprehensive marketing strategies. Creating better pitches may aid in obtaining greater marketing money. A normal person's midnight thoughts are relaxing after a long day, whereas a PR agent is “Why is it that clients with the least budget always have the most requests?” We've all had those annoying financial issues. Client expectations and marketing budgets rarely line up. Oh, the things we wouldn't do to slightly boost the budget just a teeny - tiny bit. It's safe to assume that businesses have either developed or are presently developing a marketing and promotion strategy to attract customers, fill open positions, and generate leads for 2023.

Develop new media relations

Are we in the same boat when it comes to getting replies from journalists? Yes, you heard it right; we struggle too, so this year we pray that our brand placements go live smoothly without us having to do 1,000 follow-ups. Life is tough, but working for any agency can be even tougher.

More Influencers and Celeb Outreach

Do you also struggle to get the right influencer for your brand? We have a solution for you. To make your work easy and targets achievable, GUC will help you in the process. Today's media gatekeepers include influencers such as Kusha Kapila, Komal Pandey, Ankush Bahuguna, and Kush Sachdeva.

Kusha Kapila is an example of a brand ambassador for Bliss Club and how much impact even content creators can have on an audience. They are the individuals we admire and look up to. Obtaining the attention of influencers is therefore critical for gaining interviews on prominent business podcasts, obtaining a positive evaluation of your brand from a tech expert, or having your product featured by prestigious media magazines. We have worked with influencers like Chahat Tewani, Soundarya Thakur, Anchal Tewani, and many more and look forward to increasing our connections in the influencer marketing field. The idea is to attract influential people who are important to you, your company, and your brand.

Cover more PR events

More networking leads to more contacts, and PR events are the ideal venue to make them. Meeting other influencers in your profession is one of the most substantial benefits of networking. Attending industry seminars might help you gain a better grasp of how your sector operates. Attending award shows and summits allows companies to interact with new individuals, allowing them to make new connections and receive more visibility.

Here’s hoping more for the new year to be filled with client approvals, marketing budgets, and a lot more than 2023 has to offer.

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