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PR is Changing - How To Adapt To The Landscape?

Nearly every industry has seen some sort of COVID-19-related impact. The PR profession has adapted in such a brilliant way that it may lead to permanent change, proving to be as resilient as ever. Looking back at how the industry has evolved, it's safe to assume that we're not done accepting new initiatives and abilities. The days of merely sending out press releases to journalists are long gone. Newsrooms are constantly contracting, while the digital world expands, changing the way the world consumes media. PR professionals are developing, and being encouraged to look outside the box for exciting, unique ways to assist our clients.

Influencers on the rise

As we spend more time on social media, most influencers make content from the comfort of their home. This level of relatability transformed an influencer into someone with whom we could finally relate authentically. It added legitimacy to the people we see on our social media feeds, making us more trusting of their brand recommendations than ever before.

Public relations professionals acted immediately, seeing this as an opportunity to engage online audiences. This acknowledgment is affecting not only how public relations professionals engage with influencers, but also who is deemed an influencer.

Customer values must be reflected in campaigns

The communication tone has shifted to comfort, compassion, contribution, gratitude, and humour. Public relations professionals have recognized the necessity for their clients to express their support for society through purpose messaging rather than profit marketing.

Nike is an excellent example of a well-known worldwide brand that shifted its emphasis away from sales and onto a wider societal issue: the Black Lives Matter movement.

Improve your crisis communication skills

With the public relations professional's position changing dramatically, PR professionals need to know how to handle crises today more than ever. The outbreak has changed people's perspectives on crisis communication and reaction. Businesses are dealing with a plethora of overlapping concerns as massive amounts of data are created and transmitted. Disinformation and false narratives pose a threat to businesses.

Wear your creative hats

Creative ideas should be incorporated into social media and content, as well as media relations. Public relations is about communication, and excellent communication requires creativity. People are not interested in engaging with boring uninteresting stuff. Any strong public relations effort must establish a link between a brand and the message it wishes to deliver. Being creative can help a brand effectively communicate its particular brand voice.

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