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Journalist James Reston used a press release in the US for the first time in 1955 and now that is the official outlet for your business or your PR agency to release news or make an announcement. It's crucial to write an entertaining press release since it is an integral part of your public relations plan for your business. Nowadays, however, the style of a press release is not limited only to the print media. Via different media, such as social media and online news portals, people are now able to access information digitally. In terms of your public relations strategy, restricting the exposure of your press release to the conventional news media doesn't achieve much. Think of a press release as a valuable component for your PR agency, if you will. Below, we discuss how to make your press release stand out. Best practices to follow while drafting a great press release for your PR Marketing Agency

Cover something newsworthy

The first thing you need to have is something newsworthy to write a great press release for your PR Marketing Agency. Be sure to make it as meaningful as possible to a large audience. Gather and employ all the material that is intended for the press release to tell a story. Start with, and comment on, the most important news below. In other words, don't bury the lead.

Begin with an overview of the story

Hundreds of emails and press releases are obtained by journalists each day. Even if you can find your latest product interesting with a 1000-word summary, it's doubtful any journalist would. The ideal length of a press release is around 300-400 words, just three or four short paragraphs, and a few quotes. So, start with a 3-4 section outline of your story and then write one or two sentences for each one. And note that bullet points are your best friends - they make it easier to skim your story and make key points stand out.

An irresistible headline that quickly attracts attention

A convincing headline plays a crucial part in a press release, much like your blog posts and blogs. Think and write an irresistible, intriguing headline that captures the attention of journalists. It's also necessary to keep it short and hold it to a single line. Reporters see thousands of news releases every day. It will draw prospective readers by spending enough time and effort in writing a short and catchy headline.

In the first paragraph, get to the point

To let the media know about the latest update from your organization, you are writing a press release. So, from the beginning, get to the stage. Stop blossoming and becoming too wordy around the point of focus. Think about what would intrigue reporters in your press release and get their attention. They're busy minds and they don't have enough time to read all the press releases they see. Respond to the who, why, when, where, and how about the latest update, launch, or release. Ensure that in the first paragraph, your reporters get all the important information they are searching for to tell your story.

Make it flawless grammatically

Before sending it out, proofread the press release and have a few other people proofread it as well. Even a small error will stop a reporter from taking you seriously. Besides, having grammatical flaws makes your tale less credible, so try to avoid that!

Don't forget statistics and numbers

When you understand the basic concept of how to compose an entertaining press release, it is time to concentrate on making it compelling. To help the significance of introducing a new product, provide hard numbers and figures. In telling a compelling narrative, statistics play a key role to make it credible. By supporting it with figures and facts makes it convincing enough for readers to take notes, present your case the way.

Provide your context with complete data

Make sure all the relevant information is included in the text of the press release and that it is completely informative and beneficial. In your press release, provide more details to support your story. For example, include information or a sneak peek of the upcoming announcements about new projects or initiatives. Additional context information helps individuals understand your point in-depth and adds more credibility to your press release and in turn to your PR Marketing Agency.

Add quotes

The importance of your announcement is underlined by an informative quote from one of your executives or top decision-makers. Ensure that the quote perfectly emphasizes the argument of your press release that you intend to drive home. Avoid using quotations from workers at lower ranks. The company manager's quotes or quotes from the founder of the PR Agency are the best because they come from someone who is an authority on the subject. It is useful to add quotes from individuals outside your business, such as influencers or brand advocates also. Influencers help readers grasp the announcement’s most relevant key points and reach a wider audience.

Minimum one and maximum of two pages

As with most excellent prose, generally, shorter is better. It is best to restrict yourself to one page - though two pages are appropriate. Plus, this would also force you to condense into a more readable document with accurate information that gets to the point with your outstanding knowledge - something journalists are always searching for.

Proofread it

As it was said earlier, an important document in your public relations plan is a press release. It must be appealing, readable, and grammatically perfect. Proofread your press release many times by yourself and let your peers review it as well. Take and enforce recommendations to make the press release error-free.

The bottom line

To produce the perfect press release that will blow the socks off any journalist, you are now armed with all the necessary information. It's not easy by any measure, of course, but it's doable. So go ahead and follow our guide to get the coverage you know you deserve from the media!

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