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How to make your PR Agency more visible on Google?

Google, today is the hub to reach millions all around the world. Poor visibility on google could lead to loss of revenue and potential clients. Improving your PR Agency’s visibility on Google is both an art and science. All agencies, irrespective of shapes and stripes, struggle with making their name the first to come up when people search for specific keywords and related terms. There has to be a constant assessment from the agency's side to check and keep track of the number of clicks, page views, and impressions they are getting.

The best way to increase those numbers is with an effective search strategy. The more traffic your website receives and the more opportunities you have for conversion.

Here are 5 ways to make your PR Agency more visible:

  • Use keywords to drive traffic-

Start by identifying which keywords are important to your agency. Make sure each topic of the content the agency is publishing on google targets a specific topic. The more specific and targeted the topic, the greater the opportunity each page has to show up on the first page of Google and get noticed.

  • Compare with competitors’ keywords-

It’s always wise to stay on top of your competition and know where you could improve. Comparing keywords can help you set goals to improve your visibility on Google.

  • Write quality content-

Keywords will help Google notice you, but if you want more people to notice you, you have to stand out with quality content. Google looks at how long visitors are staying on your site and whether they are navigating to other pages before exiting. Writing informative and creative blogs, the use of images and references will help you get noticed.

  • Use analytics-

Review monthly reports to see the top-performing posts and how those posts interacted with your keywords. With perfection over a period of time, you will be able to use the keywords and phrases that are most likely to land your articles on the first page of Google results.

  • Run routine maintenance checks-

Even if your google search engine seems to be working in your favor, the work is never done. Conduct regular checks to see if your agency still ranks at the top of google searches.

Getting noticed in a world where everything is going digital is extremely important. The time for the visibility plan to fall into action and work out takes time, sometimes even 12 months. Follow the above guidelines and we are sure your agency will be flying high very soon!

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