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How Female Led Brands are crushing the glass ceiling

8th March is women’s day, and we’re here to help you celebrate! For years, women have been challenging the world’s norms for a change in gender laws. Society has witnessed some iconic movements to amplify women's voices across different industries and sectors. There has been a tremendous shift regarding views about women leading brands, giving a push for female entrepreneurs to work towards their brands.

Research has shown female led brands to be more organised, having better work culture including equal pay and a non toxic environment and finally portraying the future of the global economy. It is no surprise that women make great leaders and as a result women businesses succeed at incredible rates.

Women run the world, there are no two ways about it. This women's day we are throwing the spotlight on some of the leading businesses run by women to celebrate their achievements and talents.

Below are some of the finest examples of brands made by her


Suta was started in 2016 by sisters Sujata and Tanya who quit their jobs to start their dream business of making traditional handloom sarees and turning them into a style statement. Starting out with an investment of 3 lakh, to now having a revenue of 50 crore, these sisters are a living example of successful female entrepreneurship. They've employed more than 150 people full time along with giving 1500 weavers a livelihood.


Jodi was founded by Gauri Verma and Karuna Laungani. Set up in Pune, Maharashtra the brand brings the most vibrant and refreshing prints to your wardrobe. Sustainability runs in the brand ethics and all the clothes are made from natural indian textiles.

In a male dominated industry where diversity was lacking and hard to find, these ladies made their mark by adding the pop of colour that was needed.


In a country like India, tea is a part and parcel of everyday life. The most popular tea brands were run by multi million corporates or very well established names in the industry who sell repackaged imported tea causing socio-economic impact. In 2013, Snigdha Manchanda started Tea Trunk with the aim to source tea directly from farmers and craft it to be completely natural. Without compromising on price and quality just for the sake of competition, Tea Trunk stands true to its values of sourcing authentic tea and being completely homegrown.


Carmesi was started by Tanvi Johri in 2017 to fight and overcome the social stigma related to women's hygiene by launching sanitary health products. The brand grew to create a wider line of women's products like menstrual cups, razors and roll-ons to relieve rashes caused by bras and today is one of the most sought after brands for ladies. Apart from the retail end, the brand actively works towards empowering females who menstruate and spread awareness about menstrual hygiene.

In a nation where menstruation is considered a taboo, creating a brand to fight the stigma and make women feel comfortable in their own skin makes Carmesi stand out from the rest.

In today's world when diversity is the one way to stand out and increase innovation, these brands continue to show the unstoppable bricks they are made from.

This year let us celebrate these women and help them and other women led startups bloom.

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