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Find out what celebrity endorsements can do for you

Building a trustworthy brand image that will communicate driving values and redefine the brand's character is critical. One way to do so is getting the brand endorsed by celebrities as people love them. Today companies are ready to spend plenty of money on cutting deals with stars and getting them to endorse brands. Gaining popularity at lightning speed, here's what celebrity endorsements can do for you:-

  • Advanced acceptability :

People usually trust the celebrities they love. When a star attaches its name to a product, people feel assured about its quality and are influenced to purchase that product. Naturally, celebrity-endorsed products are accepted without much thought.

  • Change in the image:

If a celebrity’s public image is ruined, the brands being endorsed by them can face a downfall. For instance, when Tiger Woods was associated with some wrongdoings and his public image changed, the brands he was endorsing got affected. Brands like Gillette and Gatorade dropped him as the ambassador to avoid a negative public image whereas Nike still stuck with him and lost business.

  • Highlight the brand:

Having a celebrity endorse your brand will surely make it stand out. Even though people know that celebrities are paid to endorse brands, they tend to purchase from these brands. Anytime, a brand is represented by a star, it gets more exposure.

  • Celebrities can outshine a brand:

There is a serious chance of the brand getting overshadowed by the celebrity as the audience may get enchanted and focus on them rather than the brand campaign. This can turn out to be disastrous for the company and its entire image.

  • Make the audience believe the product contributes to celebrity success:

Celebrity endorsements can play the trick of making people believe that the product is contributing to celebrity status. For instance, if a celebrity who is adored for their hair, endorses a hair oil brand, the consumers are going to believe that the oil is the reason they have beautiful hair.

  • Excessive endorsements:

A term called “Celebrity Vamping” may occur when one celebrity is associated with different brands at the same time. The purpose of the brand's campaign can be defeated and the celebrity can be thought of as endorsing brands just to earn the buck rather than fitting the relevance of the brands.

  • Help a sinking brand advance:

When a brand is sinking, a celebrity endorsement can rescue it. The brand might have to invest big time for these celebrity endorsements, to save themselves but, if it turns out well, it's sure to uplift the brand and change its image positively

So the list goes on about what a celebrity can do for your brand. Carefully planning the entire campaign and choosing a celebrity who perfectly fits your brand's image is a must. Do keep in mind that celebrity endorsements can either graciously build your company or lead to a deteriorating image.

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