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Celebrate EQUALITY with these real-life Heroines EVERYDAY

Equality is not a one day's charmer but an ideology that should be acquired and accepted by each and every single fibre of this universe. But in the case of gender equality, the irony is, we are still spectating the stereotypical reality that is far from the dream of unbiasedness. Is this battle for recognition of feminine brawn endless? Would this world never see both men and women at the same level? To answer these questions, we have covered some mega-icons' faced sparks that converted themselves into fire and enlightened the path to egalitarianism and excellence for women.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."- Michell Obama

After reading this quote, written by Michelle Obama, anyone can say that she has written this out of confidence that she has either on herself or on those 'countable' powerful ladies she has met around her. But no, here she has drafted a fact, a fact that signifies the emergence of feminine achievements by each passing day. She believes that the world is moving towards an era that is proactively seeking and recruiting women on the post of 'leaders'. And this belief of hers proves that women are eligible to have it all.

"...the more we can Break the Rules, the better off we are going to be."- Indra Nooyi

Rules are those braces that help us to grow up into a straight-headed, disciplined and civilised person. But what if these braces get tighter for women and make them feel an unease to even breathe? Here, Indra Nooyi is appealing to break those braces i.e. Rules which are restricting you to inhale the air of freedom and make the life of your own choice. Her own story not only inspires the females but has proved itself an eye-opener for those men who thought that women can work at operational levels only and can never lead.

"... Feminism is another word for Equality"- Malala Yousafzai

Nowadays, people have started to misinterpret the word 'Feminism' by phrasing it as 'inclination of rights towards women'. But the fact is far from it. Feminism is an advocacy of women's rights in the court of those knowledgeable people who are still hesitating in talking about equality. And Malala proudly calls herself a "Feminist" as she has become a single but echoing voice for hundreds and thousands of women whose freedom had a question mark as suffix. She has proved that women are not born to get locked up in the chains of discrimination but are made to reach the skies and teach others the same.

As we mentioned earlier, women's equality is not a 'festival' that can be celebrated once in a year and forgotten for the next 364 days. It should be an objective of today's world to make itself a more liveable place for women by providing them the place that they deserve. On the other hand, if women want a thriving state for themselves then they cannot afford to just sit and blame. Stand-up and Step-up because the world is still lacking leaders like you and only you are made to fill that void.

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